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6 Incredibly Cute Wildlife Experiences Around The US

If you’re an animal lover like me, you’ll want to see as many new, exciting and, of course, cute animals as you can. Consider these six wildlife experiences when planning your next adventure.

Orca Calves in the San Juan Islands

There have been six killer whale calves born in the last year to the three resident pods of killer whales off the coast of Washington.

Visit the San Juan Islands for an outdoor getaway; bring your tent and your kayak to commune with nature while you keep an eye out for these majestic marine mammals and their adorable youngsters.

Watch them frolic and play from the deck of a whale watching tour boat or from the water on a kayak tour. The best time of the year to see these beautiful whales is from mid-May to mid-October.

Bison in Yellowstone National Park

Everyone thinks of the bison as those giant, scary stampeding buffalo the Native Americans would hunt with just spears and bows. But the little bison wobbling around on spindly legs they haven’t grown into yet can be especially endearing.

There are over 4,000 bison freely wandering the plains of the national park. With almost 3,500 square miles of land, your odds of finding them are nearly 100% guaranteed. Increase them even more by talking to a park ranger.

They will also point you in the direction of many of the other exciting wildlife residents like herons, grizzly bears, wolves, yellowtailed marmots, ospreys, owls, moose, deer, and elk.

Wild Animal Safari, Pine Mountain, Georgia

Have you heard of a liger? How about a vervet? Would you like to come face to face with a southern pig-tailed macaque? You can see all these and more from the comfort of your car in the Wild Animal Safari park in Georgia.

True, not many of the animals are native to Georgia, but you’ll soon forget that at the sight of a baby liger cub lolling about in the sun.

Mostly lion-like in coloring, ligers have darker brown spots on their foreheads and stripes on their legs.

Get your fill of lovable fluffy small animals with over 65 species from 6 continents. Drive through in your own vehicle or board one of the park’s complimentary buses.

Sea Turtles Hatching in Florida

Every year between May and October along the coast of Florida, mother sea turtles dig as many as 84,000 nests and lay eggs. After two months of incubation, dozens of tiny little sea turtle babies scramble out of their nests and dash for the open sea.

Most beaches have sea turtle watches during nesting and hatching season, so if you want to witness dozens of tiny new lives wriggle for the waves, go to the Florida Fish and Wildlife website or the local visitor’s center for more information about the area you plan to visit.

African Safari in San Diego

If you yearn for the wilds of the African Sahara but can only afford to go to the zoo, then check out San Diego Safari Park. The park is located 30 miles north of San Diego, California and features over 400 species of animal. Come squeal in delight when a giraffe grabs the straw from your upheld hand.

Watch lion cubs tussle with each other or young cheetahs struggle to keep up with their long-legged parents. See baby elephants spray water high in the air.

Book one or more of their guided tours and get up close and personal, or just view the safari areas from elevated vantage points. There is plenty to see without paying the extra safari trip fares.

Bear Cubs in Kodiak, Alaska

Everyone who ever owned a teddy bear wishes they could witness the real thing roll and tumble in the wild. If you are one of those people, head to Kodiak, Alaska, home to North America’s largest land predator. A subspecies of brown bear, Kodiaks are the biggest grizzlies in the world, one of only eight species of bear left.

Come see mother bears teaching their cubs how to fish for salmon. Watch adult bears bat fish from the water as their cubs chase each other through the grass. Visit between July and October for the best chance at spotting them.

Book a boat or kayak tour and also get an opportunity to enjoy Alaska’s other adorable resident, the sea otters.

Watch them vigorously pound their catch with a rock to get it open, or watch them from rafts to sleep by holding hands. If you come between May and July, you will see lots of tiny fluff balls curled up on their mothers’ tummies.

Guided or solo, day trip or five day camping adventure, you will certainly be able to fill your heart (and your camera) with images of lovable, sometimes huggable little critters that will give you a better appreciation for the world we live in!

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