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Emergency Travel Insurance: Accident and Sickness

Get emergency and accident travel insurance from RoamRightFew travelers realize the limitations of their primary healthcare insurance. Often, it won't provide the level of coverage they are accustomed to when they travel outside of the country or even when traveling a few hours away from home. Without emergency travel insurance, you may be responsible for expenses associated with any accident or sickness you experience while traveling – even if you already have standard health insurance. Emergency travel insurance is especially important for Medicaid or Medicare recipients because these healthcare plans don't provide coverage outside the U.S.

RoamRight can provide  assistance services such as immunization requirements, closest approved medical facilities to your location, etc. as part of our Medical Travel Insurance Plans. We will also pay benefits as shown in your description of coverage for emergency accident or sickness.

Emergency medical claims include, but are not limited to:

  • The services of a physician
  • Charges for hospital confinement and use of operating rooms
  • Charges for anesthetics (including administration), x-ray examinations or treatments, and laboratory tests
  • Ambulance service
  • Drugs, medicines, prosthetics and therapeutic services and supplies

Emergency accident and sickness coverage is included in all of the  RoamRight travel insurance plans. Use the quote form on this page to get pricing and purchase your travel insurance plan now.