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RoamRight Travel Insurance Reviews

We regularly ask RoamRight customers to provide us with travel insurance reviews. Our most recent reviews are shown below. Click here to read all of our reviews.

Leave your own RoamRight Review. Not sure what to write about? Here are some tips for what makes a great online travel insurance review.

About RoamRight's Travel Insurance Reviews

RoamRight works with a third-party website,, to solicit reviews from our customers. All customer reviews are posted online; we do not filter simply because someone may give us a low review. We may flag a review if it violates Trustpilot's User Guidelines. In most cases, this is because the review contains personal, identifying information. If we flag a review, Trustpilot’s compliance team will investigate the matter and may notify the reviewer, giving them the opportunity to edit their review. If the compliance team decides the review is within their guidelines, the review will be posted as written.

Tips for Writing an Online Review

Online reviews are a key part of the shopping experience. Customers trust online reviews and ratings to provide unbiased feedback about a company. Below are tips to avoid confusion that some RoamRight travelers have experienced in the past.

  1. When rating your purchase with RoamRight, rate it based on your actual experience. If you didn't need to use our claims process – that's great! In that case, your rating should reflect whether you thought the buying experience was easily understood, and/or the type of service you received from our customer service team. There is no need to give a lower rating just because you were one of those lucky travelers who didn't need to file a claim.
  2. If you did file a claim, tell us if you were satisfied with the claims process.
  3. Remember, these ratings tell others whether you were happy with your decision to purchase RoamRight coverage, and whether you would consider RoamRight to protect your future travels. Please be as detailed as you can.
  4. Likewise, tell us if you have any ideas for improvement. We read all of our reviews and use the information in them to listen to our customers and enhance our services.

Leave your own RoamRight Review.

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