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Travel Assistance Services

Around the Globe, 24/7/365

Travel assistance service can help you by providing 24 hour travel service for medical emergencies, language translations and more.

What do Travel Assistance Services provide?

The purpose of travel assistance services is to help you when (or even before) you are traveling. Our designated third-party provider of assistance services is available 24-hours a day, for help with medical emergencies, language translations and more. The assistance services that are included with your travel insurance can also help you complex tasks such as:

  • Manage a medical emergency, or a death
  • Arrange for an air ambulance or transfer to a medical facility
  • Find the best hospitals and doctors
  • Work your way through local customs, laws, and requirements
  • Communicate in the local language of a foreign county
  • Get updates on issues in your travel destination in real time before and as you travel

Travel assistance services also include Hospital Admission Guarantee (to secure hospital admission after other means have proven unsuccessful and includes advance payment if required), and immunization information. The full range of assistance services available with your travel insurance plan, as well as the designated travel assistance provider, is listed in your policy.

RoamRight offers competitive pricing for travel insurance plans with assistance services. For more information on the assistance services and pricing, please  contact one of our representatives or get an instant online quote to start comparing today.