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Travel Health Insurance

Insurance for Travel Medical Emergencies

Travel health insurance provides coverage for emergency medical expenses incurred while traveling. Get your quote for travel medical insurance.

Why do I need travel health insurance?

If you already have health insurance, why would you need travel medical insurance too?

Because your insurance may not travel with you.

Many medical insurance plans do not cover care received outside the United States. This includes Medicare and Medicaid. Travelers on these plans should consider a short-term travel health insurance policy.

Additionally, many health plans under the Affordable Care Act do not cover care received in other states. So even domestic travelers may need a medical travel insurance policy.

How Travel Medical Insurance Saves Money

If your insurance doesn't provide coverage when traveling, you could end up paying expensive medical bills. Medical emergencies are costly, and expenses can add up quickly.

How quickly? One man had a medical emergency in Europe and required an air ambulance flight back to the United States. His expenses came to $117,000. Fortunately, he had travelers health insurance from RoamRight. Read his story.

Types of Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is designed to cover medical bills like this. RoamRight offers several plans, depending on your travel medical insurance needs.

  • Medical-only
    Short-term health insurance and emergency medical evacuation coverage for travel outside the United States. Trips can be up to 180 days in length.
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
    RoamRight’s comprehensive plans offer travel medical insurance in addition to trip cancellation coverage.

Concerned about pre-existing medical conditions?

If you have a pre-existing condition, you may want to consider one of RoamRight’s comprehensive travel insurance plans. These plans can include a waiver of the pre-existing conditions exclusion if travel insurance is purchased within 21 days of making the initial trip deposit, the full cost of the trip is insured, and you are fit to travel at the time of purchase.

RoamRight’s comprehensive plans also provide coverage for controlled pre-existing conditions. These are medical conditions that have not required a change in treatment or medication, or required medical care for at least six months* prior to purchasing travel insurance.

*Plans may vary. Call customer service at 1-800-699-3845 for details.

Rest easy with RoamRight’s money-back guarantee

All RoamRight plans come with a money-back guarantee, so you can feel confident with your purchase.

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