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Travel Insurance for Medical Evacuations

Evacuation during a Medical Emergency

Need emergency medical evacuation coverage? RoamRight travel insurance plans all include this benefit. Get a quote today.

What is the Medical Evacuation benefit?

All RoamRight travel insurance plans include coverage for medical evacuations. Emergency medical evacuations can be very expensive and difficult to carry out on your own. This is true if you’re just one state away from your home; it’s especially true if you’re half a world away. Imagine trying to communicate with local doctors (sometimes with a language barrier), coordinate with your home physician and find transportation with qualified medical personnel to get you the required level of medical care or even back home. In some instances, you may not even be able to communicate, and this leaves your family members or travel companions with the responsibility and challenges of trying to organize arrangements.

What’s included with evacuation insurance?

With the evacuation insurance coverage that’s included with RoamRight’s travel insurance policies, you’ll have a team of logistical and medical experts looking out for you. One phone call can start the process, and your situation can quickly be evaluated and decisions can be made in the best interest of your health. In such an emergency, this expertise is invaluable.

In addition, evacuation insurance coverage gives you and your family financial protection against a possibly catastrophic situation. Families often do not consider budgeting for these types of situations. When faced with a health emergency while traveling, the last thing you need is the extra burden of extreme financial difficulties.

Besides coverage for your own transport, if you are traveling alone and hospitalized for a specified amount of time (typically more than 7 days), evacuation insurance coverage will pay for a loved one to travel to your bedside. Likewise, if you are traveling with children who are left unaccompanied by your hospitalization, this type of coverage pays for them to return home, with an escort if needed.

And, in the case if tragedy strikes, evacuation insurance will even cover the costs associated with bringing your remains home to your loved ones.

Always travel with medical evacuation insurance

It is in situations like a medical evacuation that travel insurance really proves its value. In one case, We helped a customer who had a medical emergency in Europe. His evacuation home cost $70,000 (on top of his $47,000 in medical bills). His out-of-pocket costs? Just $78. Read his story.

Medical Evacuation insurance is included with all RoamRight products. Get your quote today and rest assured that you’ll have this type of coverage included when you purchase your policy.

*Coverage benefits, limits and exclusions may vary by policy. Please refer to your specific policy’s description of coverage for full details.