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Recent RoamRight Reviews

  • Pr Nogueira

    five stars

    Excelente benefícios eu recomendo

    -- Marcos Nogueira
  • Not Sure

    three stars

    Did not have to use it so therefore I can not give a complete review.

    -- Diane C
  • Customer Care Agent Ms Jennifer …

    five stars

    customer care agent Ms Jennifer resolved the issues with my account and addressed my concerns with great efficiency and a lot of patience . She is excellent!

    -- Neelaxi Saikia A
  • I Can't Say They Were Great Because I…

    four stars

    I can't say they were great because I didn't get sick, hurt, needed evacuation, died suddenly, or lost my luggage. But the truth is, this was my first big trip for which I purchased insurance, the price was right and it made me feel good knowing tha ...

    -- Ronnie Dubs
  • Paid All Extra Expenses

    five stars

    Had complicated trip ending, with canceled flight, transportation expense to alternate city flight, getting ill before alternate flight, therefore incurring van, hotel, taxi, Uber, and Urgent medical care expenses, plus outrageous later flight expen ...

    -- CMB
  • I Did Not Have To Implement Roamright…

    five stars

    I did not have to implement RoamRight during two month cruise. Made all plane connections, transfers, etc. without incident. Did not have to use medical facilities or seek medical care during the two month trip. Taking RoamRight at face value tha ...

    -- Jose R
  • Didn't Need To Use It

    three stars

    Don't really know how good it was because we didn't need it. Signing up was easy and the price was high but virtually the same as other options.

  • Roamright Gave Me Peace Of Mind

    five stars

    RoamRight was easy to understand, easy to purchase and gave me peace knowing I was covered in the event that my 76 year old mother and I needed anything while out of the country.

    -- Kimberly H
  • I'm Assuming That Had I Used The…

    three stars

    I'm assuming that had I used the insurance it would have performed as advertised, but fortunately I did not have to make use of it. Given that I was insuring an event a year in the future a lot could have happened. I would guess that nothing happe ...

    -- Donna B
  • I Purchased The Policy For My Trip To…

    five stars

    I purchased the policy for my trip to China. Excellent customer service, and affordable coverage! I will purchase it again for my future trip.

    -- Rong Chen
Real Stories, with Real RoamRight Customers Real Stories, with Real RoamRIght Customers

What Is Travel Insurance & Why Do I Need It?

RoamRight's travel insurance can protect your finances and your health when your vacation goes wrong:

  • Reimburses some or all of your travel costs if your trip gets interrupted or cancelled
  • Pays for medical expenses that your primary insurance doesn't cover
  • Reimburses you for lost luggage
  • Helps you with problems you encounter while you travel

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What If I Need To Cancel My Vacation?

RoamRight's trip cancellation insurance compensates you for some or all of your trip costs if you need to cancel your trip. Covered reasons include:

  • Accident or illness of you or your traveling companions
  • Severe weather and natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Optional coverage allows you to cancel for any reason

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What If I Get Sick While Traveling?

RoamRight's travel medical insurance helps protect you if you get sick or injured while traveling more than 100 miles from home:

  • Helps pay international medical bills that your health insurance or Medicare/Medicaid does not cover
  • Evacuates you when you need better medical attention
  • Finds the best medical treatment when you are traveling

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RoamRight Travel Insurance

At RoamRight, we know that no two travelers or trips are exactly the same. As such, travel insurance needs can vary widely. That’s why we offer travel insurance plans and packages for every kind of traveler.

We strive to give travelers what they want, and that goes beyond travel insurance. We are steeped in the travel business and pass our information on to you through our website. Here, you can learn just about everything there is to know about travel insurance, including the  benefits it providesavailable plan options, and recommendations for different  types of trips. We also discuss the latest  travel tips and news to help you plan the best, safest trips possible.

RoamRight’s  comprehensive travel insurance plans are customizable with several options to make sure you get the right coverage for your unique trip. In addition, our representatives are available via live chat to provide you with great customer service. We’ll help you form the travel insurance plan that is best for your trip needs and answer any questions you may have.  Contact us and let us welcome you to the world of travel insurance! Read More.

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Use these pro tips to visit one of the smallest and most interesting countries in the world.

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RoamRight’s travel insurance plans protect leisure, business, student, and group travelers with both domestic and international trips. RoamRight is a registered trade name and brand used by a unit of Arch Insurance Company, a provider of global travel insurance. Our staff and customer service representatives have the expertise to offer customers information about trip and medical insurance packages, travel planning, and coverage options.

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