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Single Trip Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance for a single trip allows you the flexibility to select specific options, whereas a multi-trip annual travel insurance plan requires you to select all your coverage for the year.

While optimizing your protection with single trip travel insurance, you can add-on several travel insurance products, like:

  • A sports rider to cover fees (e.g., green fees) paid by you for cancelled sporting activities or sports injuries
  • Increased baggage limits if you’re bringing along golf clubs, skis, or other expensive items
  • A medical upgrade to reduce deductibles and increase your medical options

Purchasing a single trip insurance plan is a great investment if you only take one or two trips per year. Depending on the level of coverage you purchase, you can fully protect your financial investments in the trip (in the form of air fare, guide fees, facility fees, baggage, and more), and be covered in the case of a medical emergency. Sometimes, your primary healthcare insurance may not cover some medical expenses while you travel, so buying travel medical insurance as a part of your single trip insurance is a great option to help offset any financial burden from unexpected medical emergencies.

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