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Travel Dental Insurance

Travel dental insuranceNothing sours a trip faster than a toothache. Suddenly, tasting exotic food, posing for photos, and even just enjoying your trip become painfully difficult. Going to a dentist for treatment while abroad can be very expensive – maybe even rivaling the cost of the trip. With travel dental coverage, there is a way to treat your dental pain and resume your trip.

Travel dental coverage will cover certain costs of a dental emergency. If you chip or break a tooth, you’ll be able to see a dentist without paying for the full cost of treatment.

While traveling, you are probably not aware which dentists are available in the area. But when you purchase a travel insurance plan including dental coverage from RoamRight, you get access to our assistance services. This 24-hour hotline can help you find qualified dentists while on your trip. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our concierge services, lost document replacement assistance, translation and more.

RoamRight’s travel dental insurance only covers emergency dental treatment for accidental injury to sound, natural teeth and does not pay toward routine check-ups, elective and cosmetic treatments, or pre-existing conditions. We have instant quotes available for travel insurance and all of our plans have some level of dental coverage. If you have questions about travel dental insurance, you can speak to a RoamRight representative via live chat.