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Flight Insurance

There are different types of flight insurance, each of which is included with a RoamRight comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Flight insurance covers any number of incidents that may happen when you travel by air. As millions of travelers fly around the world each day, it’s important to understand the variety of mishaps that can happen with this type of transportation.

Flight Cancellation Insurance

Cancellations and delays are routine in the airline industry. The most common causes are weather and mechanical problems. And once a flight is delayed, it’s difficult to make up for lost time. One late flight can leads to dozens more throughout the day as subsequent arrivals and departures are delayed as well.

At minimum, a delayed or cancelled flight is an inconvenience. Often, though, it can lead to unexpected expenses: additional meals, an extra night at a hotel, and even missed experiences in your destination.

Flight insurance can help cover the costs associated with these unexpected events. Just be sure to keep your receipts to make filing a claim easier. You can even take pictures of your receipts and save them on your phone.

Other Benefits Of Flight Insurance

Flight insurance also includes accidental death and dismemberment coverage. This provides monetary compensation to you if you become dismembered while you are on a commercial aircraft. It also provides benefits to your family in the event of a catastrophe.

Travel Insurance Plans

Most RoamRight plans include some type of flight insurance. To compare travel insurance plans for flight insurance coverage, look for the Trip Delay, Missed Connection, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits when you get your quote. Call 1-800-699-3845 to speak with a customer service representative.