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Repatriation of Remains Insurance

“Repatriation” means to return to the country of citizenship. In the unfortunate event that someone dies during a trip, repatriation of remains insurance arranges for the return of that person’s remains to his or her country of origin or to a nearby funeral or cremation facility. 

Dealing with death while abroad is difficult. Not only are you away from your support system of friends and family, but transporting remains is a difficult task. The rules and regulations for transporting a person’s remains vary from country to country. Repatriation of remains insurance assists with the logistics and coordination with authorities and airliners to make the final journey home. In addition, repatriation of remains insurance from RoamRight includes, but is not limited to, expenses for embalming, cremation, and transportation.

The circumstances are ones no one wants to consider, but a death while traveling is a complicated and serious matter that deserves the consideration of insurance. For full details on the repatriation of remains insurance coverage included in all of our plans, contact RoamRight today, or speak with a representative via live chat.