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Security Evacuation Insurance

Security evacuation insurance is fundamentally different from medical evacuation insurance because of the covered claims. Security evacuation insurance coverage and/or assistance is available in the event of:

  • Natural disaster
  • Civil uprising
  • Military coup
  • Political unrest

When faced with these situations, evacuation may be a necessary, albeit expensive, procedure. With security evacuation insurance, you’ll be covered for any evacuation related expenses. In addition, the security evacuation insurance from RoamRight will handle flight arrangements, logistics, and communication with friends, family, and your employer at home.

After the situation that caused the evacuation is resolved, benefits are also payable (up to the plan maximum) to have you returned to your original destination country, your home country, or to your point of origin for the trip (depending on the plan purchased).

With security evacuation insurance, you can focus on getting to safety instead of the transportation arrangements. For a full list of covered claims, speak with a RoamRight representative via phone or chat today.