How RoamRight Can Help Your Travelers Pick a Destination

Published on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

At RoamRight we not only aim to provide you and your clients with travel insurance news and information, but we also try to deliver other helpful information that aims to make the most out of our customers’ travels.

The Travel Destinations section of provides detailed information on hundreds of countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe. Each individual country page contains a host of facts about the country – such as the capital city, emergency numbers, and even what side of the road they drive on – as well as a quick summary of the country’s history and the must-sees while you’re there.

Quick Country Facts

Country Quick Facts 2You’re helping to plan a trip to Singapore and your client wants to know what adapter they will need to charge their cell phone. What do you tell them?

Plug configuration and many other helpful country facts can be found on the individual country pages within RoamRight’s travel destination portal. On the Singapore country page you will be able to see that your clients can expect to see G, M, and C configuration outlets in Singapore. Don’t know what those look like? No problem, we provided pictures of the plug and the outlet as well.

The country’s capital, climate, currency, dialing code, side of the road the traffic drives on, emergency contact numbers, internet top level domain, land mass, official languages, population, and time zone are all pieces of information included on the country’s page.

This set of details can help your travelers both plan their trips, as well as provide useful information while they are visiting the particular country.  

Country History, Culture, & Current State

Some travelers want to know the history of a country before they settle on traveling there. Others are interested in knowing the culture of their proposed destination. Others still just want to know about the current state of the country to ensure they are planning for the proper experience.

No matter the traveler, a country page on RoamRight’s Travel Destination portal features an overview of the country’s development, its culture, as well as its current state, all information designed to give any time of traveler the information they need to decide on a destination.

“With ancient indigenous tribes and their traditions thriving across the country, Panama’s culture is a colorful display rich in a unique history,” reads the country page for Panama.

What To Do, What To Do…

You have a traveler that thinks they may be interested in going to Iceland but are unsure if there is anything unique for them to do.

They could always take a dip in the Blue Lagoon thermal pools or go puffin-spotting along the coast, but how do they even find out about these incredible Icelandic activities? Well, RoamRight’s Travel Destination pages, of course!

Every country listing on RoamRight’s country portal features a handful of activities that are unique to that particular country, enough to surely fill-up a multi-day trip.

Each country’s activity suggestion list features something for every time of person. A traveler may not be interested in puffins, but they may be interested in trying hakarl (fermented shark’s meat) or just simply the chance to party all night under the midnight sun in Reykjavik.

Embassy Contact Information

One great tool for American travelers abroad is the U.S. Embassy in that particular country. The embassy can act as a resource for Americans who need anything from help with their travel documents or assistance during a grave emergency.

Each Travel Destination page on has the address and telephone number of the local embassy, making it simple to contact them (or just stop by for a visit!)

Blog Posts by Country Experts

Go beyond the information provided on the country pages – believe it or not, that’s possible!

In addition to country pages, RoamRight also hosts a travel blog full of content created by some of the best travel bloggers in the world. In order to tie these two great resources together, we’ve attached every blog post related to that country to its country page in the Travel Destination portal.

Take for example Germany’s country page. This country page features stories on the Black Forest, the German Spa Culture, and the country’s Fairy Tale Route.

All our blogs are written by travelers who can truly say “been there, done that!”   

Visit the Travel Destination portal to start exploring!


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