Travel Insurance For Military Families

Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Travel insurance for military familiesPlanning a vacation for a military family can be fun. Often separated for long periods of time, these families deserve bonding and relaxation! And while there are many opportunities for military discounts, many military families are hesitant to book vacations far in advance. Their futures are simply too unpredictable. Active military members could be stationed someplace else, or deployed overseas at any time. This can often happen with very little notice.

So how can military families confidently book a vacation? With travel insurance, of course!

RoamRight’s travel insurance plans come with special clauses written just for military families. At RoamRight, trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits are triggered when:

  • A person or their traveling companion who is military, police or fire personnel is called into emergency service to provide aid or relief for a Natural Disaster; or
  • A person or their traveling companion has been previously granted military leave and that leave is revoked, or that individual is reassigned, including during a war.

For example, if your client is in the National Guard, they can be called for duty at a moment’s notice. Just a few weeks ago, Florida Governor Rick Scott activated 200 National Guard members and had 6,000 more standing by for deployment ahead of Hurricane Matthew’s landfall. For those guard members who were deployed, a planned vacation had to be postponed or cancelled.

While such actions are often on short notice, what about a trip that was planned far in advanced and yet the family is reassigned to a different location? A family based in Fort Bragg, NC, may have saved and planned for more than a year for that dream vacation to Orlando…only to find they have transfer orders to Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington. In this situation, there are a few options:

  • The family can try to take their vacation earlier than expected.
  • They can change their plans so their flights are out of their new location.
  • They can cancel their trip altogether and plan a different one.

The first two options will likely result in additional fees and charges that may not be in the vacation budget. With travel insurance from RoamRight, the family can safely take the third option. They can cancel their trip, knowing they have coverage. This would allow them time to settle into their new home on the west coast, and then plan another dream vacation that fits into their new schedule. Maybe they’d rather go to Alaska instead of Orlando? Or maybe they still want to go to Orlando, but need to start from scratch with the planning process. When they have travel insurance coverage, they have better options than before.

If you book vacations or tours for military families, having this type of coverage is a fantastic benefit. To learn more or to speak with a RoamRight representative, please contact us.


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