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Active Travel Insurance: Adventure and Sports

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Travel Insurance for Active Vacations

When you travel to a new place, you get the opportunity to see and do amazing things. Taking on a daring sport or challenging tour are ways to push your inner limits, learn about yourself, and make incredible memories.

But those are not the only reasons you will see the phrase “once in a lifetime” on adventure travel tours and packages. They can become expensive quickly; you may only have the savings to do it once. Hotels, airfare, equipment, baggage, tour fees and emergencies – these expenses can add up fast. Most people cannot afford not to consider active travel insurance for your adventure or sporting-style trip.

Active travel may entail more medical emergencies than a standard  vacation or  business trip. Active travel insurance plans from RoamRight include medical coverage to help mitigate the risks of your adventure or sport.

RoamRight breaks down the category of Adventure and Sports travel into the following subcategories:

As you can see, there is a wide variety of active travel vacation plans. The active travel insurance coverages for a golfer are going to be different than for a family on safari. Each adventure or sports trip will have unique needs in an active travel insurance plan.

RoamRight is here to help you choose an insurance plan that is right for you and your trip. Click on the above subcategories of active travel to learn more or see what other travel insurance plans are available. You can also use our live chat to talk a representative who can help you narrow down your choices or answer any questions you may have.