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International Medical Insurance

Healthcare is not equal around the world. The country you're traveling to may not have the facilities and level of care you're used to or the level of care that you need. 

Medical Insurance for International Travelers

The coverage provided by your primary healthcare insurance may be limited or non-existent when you travel internationally. If you rely on Medicare or Medicaid, you will only have medical coverage in the US. If you need medical care while you travel, you could be responsible for 100% of the cost. And in an emergency situation, medical expenses may rack up quickly. An international medical insurance policy can help alleviate the burden of some of these unexpected expenses.

International medical insurance from RoamRight has adjustable coverages for emergency accident and sickness, dental work, medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. It's comprehensive coverage you can trust.

With international medical insurance, we'll help you to find a reputable facility to provide medical treatment. If you want to travel with the peace of mind that you can be covered for medical emergencies while abroad, a worldwide medical insurance plan from RoamRight can help. Get an instant quote today - our representatives are standing by to assist you via live chat.