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Medical Evacuation Insurance

Evacuation during a Medical Emergency

Get a quote for medical evacuation insurance coverage, which covers the cost to send you to an adequate medical facility during a travel emergency.

What is Medical Evacuation Coverage?

Medical evacuation insurance coverage covers the unexpected medical emergencies that can happen at any time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the most common reasons travelers seek medical care abroad include cardiovascular events, gastrointestinal illness, respiratory distress, fever, or injury or trauma, to list a few.* These unpredictable events can be catastrophic if you can’t get quality medical care in time.

RoamRight’s medical evacuation insurance ensures that if you suffer an accident or illness that requires medical care, and there are no adequate treatment facilities nearby, you can be transported to the nearest appropriate facility, or even home if you need long-term follow up care.

Saving With Medical Evacuation Insurance Coverage

Medical evacuations can be costly. In some cases, families without insurance had to mortgage their homes to pay for the bill. One RoamRight traveler who had purchased a policy for just $28 suffered a medical emergency while in Europe. After several days in the hospital, it was decided he needed to return home to the US for long-term care. RoamRight covered his repatriation home, which cost $70,000. Read his story.

Other Benefits Of Medical Evacuation Coverage

Other costs that are included in emergency evacuation insurance include medical services and supplies used during your transportation. Charges for escort expenses are included as well as expenses and escorts if needed to transport your dependent children back home. Furthermore, if you are traveling alone and are hospitalized for more than seven days, your medical evacuation insurance will pay to transport a friend or family member to your side. With such comprehensive coverage provided, a medical evacuation insurance plan is well worth considering when you evaluate your trip insurance needs.

On some plans, medical evacuation insurance can be upgraded to transport you to a healthcare facility of your choosing, rather than the nearest adequate one, or to cover a higher level of expenses.

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