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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Reasons for buying travel insuranceWhy buy travel insurance? RoamRight compiled these top 10 reasons to buy travel insurance to help illustrate all the benefits travel insurance can provide for your next domestic or international trip. Almost always, the investment in your trip is worth protecting, or perhaps you just want to travel with the peace of mind travel insurance can provide. If you’re wondering whether travel insurance is something you can benefit from, review these top 10 reasons for travel insurance:

  1. Saves your vacation investment in case you need to cancel your trip for reasons beyond your control: Vacation packages can be expensive, and recouping costs is a major reason for purchasing travel insurance. All the non-refundable deposits you can lose from canceling a trip can become a financial burden. However, the right travel insurance plan can help you avoid this scenario.
  2. Peace of mind that you’ll be covered if something happens: We all know that travel is full of so many “what if” scenarios. Travel insurance can help you relax and enjoy your trip more.
  3. Protection against the unexpected: It’s impossible to budget accurately for the unforeseen. If you choose a plan from RoamRight, you’ll get financial protection against unexpected events.
  4. Help when your flight has been delayed or cancelled: Many people purchase travel insurance solely for this reason. Travel fare can be very expensive, especially international travel. Furthermore, not all airlines will be helpful or accommodating in your time of need. Your travel insurance provider can help ease the inconvenience and expense.
  5. 24-hour worldwide access to emergency assistance: With RoamRight, we are available to help you locate a physician abroad, answer coverage questions, or submit a claim at any time, anywhere in the world.
  6. Pre-trip information to tell you which (if any) areas of your destination could be unsafe: You may be covered in case of incident, but your trip should be as safe and enjoyable as possible. Pre-trip information can alert you to any potential issues before you depart.
  7. Passport, visa and immunization information: Most international destinations will not allow entry into the country without a passport, and some countries require visas, which must be obtained prior to your trip.  In addition, certain immunizations may be required or recommended depending on where you travel.  RoamRight gives you access to this information before you leave for your trip.  
  8. Coverage to cancel your trip due to a natural disaster or terrorist attack: The world is an unpredictable place, but the right travel insurance plan can help prepare you by providing trip cancellation or evacuation options.
  9. Medical coverage abroad: Some healthcare insurance providers will not cover your medical expenses while you're traveling in another country. Medical travel insurance from RoamRight can help cover your medical expenses while traveling.
  10. Baggage protection: Lost or delayed baggage is a common headache for travelers the world over. Baggage coverage from RoamRight can reimburse you for lost or delayed luggage, even for expensive items like golf clubs or GPS equipment.