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Repatriation and Evacuation Insurance

There are two basic types of repatriation/evacuation insurance – medical evacuation and security evacuation.

Security evacuation insurance provides assistance and/or covers the expenses of getting you to safety if the country you have traveled to causes your personal safety to be at risk. This can happen for several reasons, including natural disaster, political unrest and civil uprising.  The costs of a security evacuation are not always covered by standard trip interruption insurance, so it’s prudent to make sure your travel insurance plan comes with security evacuation insurance coverage. In addition to transportation expenses, security evacuation insurance can also handle the logistics of your evacuation while communicating with your friends, family, and employers back home.

Medical evacuation insurance will pay for certain transportation costs (and associated medical services) to the closest adequate medical facility. RoamRight also offers an upgrade to medical evacuation insurance that allows you to be evacuated to a healthcare facility of your choosing. Additionally, medical evacuation insurance will pay certain costs to return your dependent children home and/or to bring someone to the medical facility where you are staying if you were traveling alone.

In the unfortunate even that you should pass away while traveling, all RoamRight plans have repatriation of remains coverage to return your body home.

If you have questions on what is covered in an evacuation or repatriation situation, you can speak to a RoamRight representative via phone or live chat.