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Sports Insurance Coverage

Participating in sports or adventurous activities when traveling? Make sure you're covered!

Get Coverage For Adventure Sports

Parachuting, scuba diving, mountaineering and other action sports will give you the experience of a lifetime. However, these types of sports aren't typically covered by regular  emergency travel insurance. Because of the expensive equipment and inherent risks involved, you'll want to have sports coverage in your travel insurance plan.

RoamRight offers hazardous sports coverage as an upgrade to the Elite, Pro, and Pro Plus plans. In addition to coverage for more adventurous sports, you can upgrade to include non-refundable green fees, facility passes, or equipment rentals (in case your own equipment is lost or delayed).

Travelers looking to protect a trip to a sporting event, or insure members of a sports team, should view our  sports tourism page. If you have any questions about sports insurance coverage, or would like to upgrade your policy to cover sports, please use the quote form for pricing or speak with one of our helpful representatives via live chat.