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Medical Travel Insurance Benefits

Medical Travel Insurance vs. Traditional Health Insurance

Medical travel insurance varies from traditional health insurance in that it provides short- or long-term coverage for out-of-network (and out-of-country) emergency care.

Many domestic medical insurance plans – including ones you get through an employer or through the Affordable Care Act – do not provide for international medical care. Other medical insurance may have high out-of-country co-pays and/or deductibles. Most plans do not cover medical evacuation, even in an emergency.

Not having proper coverage to access quality medical care can be dangerous if you’re planning to visit locations with inadequate medical facilities. Even if you’re staying in countries that have good medical care, the expenses can quickly add up in an emergency. One RoamRight traveler had a medical emergency in Europe and accumulated more than $117,000 in medical bills. Fortunately, he had an affordable medical travel insurance policy to cover those expenses. Read his story here.

Please note that RoamRight’s medical travel insurance is not intended for medical tourism and only covers emergency care for unforeseen events.

Travel Insurance and Medical Coverage

When looking for a travel insurance plan, make sure it also includes medical coverage. Many travel insurance plans only provide trip cancellation benefits to protect your travel investment. Look for a plan that includes emergency accident and sickness coverage as well as evacuation benefits for complete coverage. 

Most RoamRight travel insurance plans combine both travel insurance and medical insurance into one plan. Compare all RoamRight plans to find which is best for you.

Benefits Included with Medical Travel Insurance

When you buy travel insurance with medical coverage, you’ll get coverage for the following:

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