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International Travel Insurance

When planning an international vacation, consider using travel insurance to help protect your investment and your health.

Why would I need travel insurance for an international trip?

International journeys are often a serious financial investment. Most people will save for months – if not years – to afford a vacation abroad. If something goes wrong during that trip – whether it’s a simple lost baggage or a complex medical emergency – and you don't have international travel insurance, the expenses can far exceed your budget.

How far? One traveler had a medical emergency in Europe, and between his hospital costs abroad and his air ambulance flight home, it totaled more than $117,000. Thankfully, he had RoamRight travel insurance. ( Read his story here.)

And that’s what international travel insurance does – it provides financial protection for any events that may disrupt your vacation.

The Trip Cancellation Benefits Of International Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can help protect some of the money you’ve spent on things like air fare, rental fees, tour package costs, cruise tickets, and other non-refundable deposits. If you plan a trip, but have to cancel it before you leave or need to suddenly return home during the trip, international travel insurance can help cover the associated expenses.

RoamRight’s travel insurance plans offer multiple levels of coverage, allowing you to get the right insurance for your trip. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, taking a dream vacation, or just one more trip this month – we have a travel insurance plan with the right coverage for your circumstances.

Travel Medical Benefits Are Important Too

When traveling abroad, your primary medical insurance may not provide the coverage you think it does. For example, Medicare does not cover healthcare received aboard, and many domestic health plans don’t pay to foreign providers. This means that if a medical emergency happens, you may have to pay out of pocket for care. With RoamRight’s international trip insurance, you can travel without worrying about these unexpected – and costly – expenses.

Get A Quote For International Travel Insurance

Planning an international trip? Make sure you get a quote for international travel insurance. Plus, buy with confidence knowing that RoamRight offers a money-back guarantee, so you can evaluate your coverage even after your purchase.