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What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance coverage that helps protect you if your travel plans change. It also may provide medical coverage for emergencies that occur outside of your network.

Because of the unpredictability of travel, many travel professionals recommend that travelers purchase a travel insurance policy when they are planning their trip.

How Do You Purchase Travel Insurance?

There are a couple ways you can purchase travel insurance, all of which are viable options.

Travel Agent:

Most travel agencies or tour operators partner with travel insurance companies to offer their travelers quality travel protection from reputable providers with coverage specific to the travel types they offer.

Many travel agencies and tour operators offer Arch RoamRight travel insurance to their travelers. You should ask your travel agent which travel insurance provider they use.

However, it is also important to know that you are not required to insure your trip with the provider your travel agent offers.

Directly from Travel Insurance Provider:

Since not all travel is booked through a travel agent, buying your travel insurance direct from the travel insurance provider is also a good option.

The quoting process on has been optimized with the traveler in mind, making it simple to obtain a quote and compare plan coverages and pricing on your own. We also offer access to our highly-rated customer service team at 1-800-699-3845. They can help you complete a quote or answer any questions you may have about an existing quote.

What Information Do You Need In Order to Quote My Travel Insurance?

To provide you with a travel insurance quote, we need the following information:

  • State of Residence
  • Trip Departure Date
  • Trip Return Date
  • Trip Cost
  • Trip Deposit Date
  • Travelers Dates of Birth

We know your time is valuable, which is why we only ask for the information we actually need to provide you with coverage details and pricing.

Don’t You Need to Know My Travel Destination?

We do not need to know your travel destination in order to provide you with a price quote for your insurance. While our travel insurance plans are priced based on a variety of factors, travel destination is not one of them.

We do however ask you for your travel destination during our checkout process. This information helps us to better contact our travelers in the event of a travel emergency, such as a major natural disaster.

However, RoamRight does not provide coverage for travelers going to Afghanistan or Yemen.

Do You Have To Be a U.S. Resident to Buy Travel Insurance?

You have to be a United States resident or Green Card holder in order to purchase Arch RoamRight travel insurance.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Trip Cancellation for Terrorism?

Arch RoamRight plans provide coverage for trip cancellation if a terror incident – as defined in your policy - occurs within 30 days of your scheduled departure date in a city listed on the itinerary of your trip.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Trip Cancellation for War or the Threat of War?

No, Arch RoamRight travel insurance does not provide trip cancellation coverage for war or threat of war.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Trip Cancellation Due to Revocation of Military Leave?

Yes, Arch RoamRight travel insurance plans may provide coverage for trip cancellation if you or your traveling companion’s previously granted military leave or re-assignment is revoked, including war.

When filing your claim for trip cancellation, you will need to provide written notice of the revocation or re-assignment by a supervisor or commanding officer.

Who is Considered Family Under a Travel Insurance Policy?

Arch RoamRight has a broad definition of family within our travel insurance plans. “Family” includes you or your traveling companion’s:

  • Legal spouse (or common-law spouse where legal)
  • Legal guardian or ward
  • Son or daughter (including adopted, foster, step, or in-law)
  • Brother or sister (including step or in-law)
  • Parent (including step or in-law)
  • Grandparent (including in-law)
  • Grandchild
  • Aunt or uncle
  • Niece or nephew
  • Domestic partner
  • Caregiver
  • Child Caregiver

What Type of Travel Delays Might be Covered with Travel Insurance?

Types of travel delays eligible for trip delay benefits include:

  • Death of a family member;
  • Sickness of a family member;
  • Hijacking or quarantine;
  • Jury duty;
  • Being a victim of a felonious assault within 10 days of scheduled departure date;
  • The primary place of residence or destination is made uninhabitable and remains inhabitable during your scheduled trip by fire, flood, or other natural disaster, as well as vandalism or burglary;
  • and inclement weather that causes complete cessation of services for at least 24 hours of the common carrier on which you were scheduled to travel.

This is not meant as an exhaustive list of all covered reason of trip delay. A full list of covered reasons can be found in the policy, which you should review before you purchase.

Are Claims Resulting from Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Covered by Travel Insurance?

Claims resulting from your pre-existing conditions may only be covered if you qualify to have the pre-existing conditions exclusion on your policy waived. This waiver of the pre-existing conditions exclusion is not available with all Arch RoamRight plans.

In order to be eligible to have this exclusion waived, you must:

  • Purchase your travel insurance within 21 days of your initial trip deposit date;
  • Insure the full, non-refundable trip cost;
  • and not be disabled from travel at the time you purchase the insurance.

It is important you review the policy before you purchase in order to understand its full details, definitions, and exclusions.

What Would be Considered a Pre-Existing Condition?

Arch RoamRight defines “pre-existing condition” as: any injury, sickness, or condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received within the 60 day period ending on the effective date (the day after you purchase your insurance).

Sicknesses or conditions are not considered pre-existing if the sickness or condition for which prescribed drugs or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription. Please refer to your policy for details, definitions, and exclusions.

The waiver for the pre-existing conditions exclusion would cover the traveler, traveling companion, and you or your traveling companion’s family members, as defined in your policy.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Trip Cancellation Related to the Traveler’s Mental Condition?

No, Arch RoamRight travel insurance does not provide trip cancellation coverage related to the traveler’s mental condition.

Does Travel Insurance Provide Coverage for Emergency Evacuations?

Many travel insurance plans feature coverage for evacuation due to medical emergencies or political or security reasons. Arch RoamRight plans offer these benefits at varying benefit limits, so please review the policy before purchase to determine your needs.

How Can Travel Insurance Help if My Luggage is Lost?

Travel insurance can provide coverage for the purchase of essentials if your luggage is lost for longer than the minimum timeframe listed in your travel insurance plan.

This benefit can provide reimbursement for the purchase of essential items such as travel documents (passports or visas), toiletries, and clothing, with the total value not to exceed the benefit limit listed in your policy.

What is the Latest Date You Can Purchase Travel Insurance?

You can purchase travel insurance up until the day before your departure.

Note: Available plans and coverages may have changed since this blog was published.


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