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    • Capital: Sofia
    • Climate: Temperate
    • Currency: BGN - Bulgarian Lev
    • Dialing Code: 359
    • Drives on: Right
    • Emergency (Ambulance) #: 150
    • Emergency (Fire) #: 160
    • Emergency (Police) #: 166
    • Internet Top Level Domain: .bg
    • Land Mass (km2): 110879
    • Official Language(s): Bulgarian
    • Plug Configuration: F,C
    • Population (est): 6,981,642
    • Time Zone (of capital): EET (UTC/GMT +2 hours) NO DST
    • Plug Configuration F
    • Plug Configuration C


    Major Tourist Attractions: Sunny Beach, Rila Monastery, Seven Rila Lakes, Pamporovo, Borovets

    Bulgaria often bypassed for a visit to its bordering neighbors has a lot for travelers to do and see; from swimming in the black sea to skiing on Sofia’s Mount Vitosha.

    Often bypassed for its more famous southern bordering neighbors, Turkey and Greece, Bulgaria is a southeastern European country not to be missed itself. With the Black Sea to the east, the Balkan Mountains running centrally, and the historically rich capital city of Sofia to the west, there is a lot for travelers in Bulgaria to do and see.

    Bulgarian culture today comes from its mix of cultural histories including Thracians, Romans, Slavs and Bulgarians along with the influence of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, though the country has religious freedom. Bulgarian folk music is also an important expression of the culture through traditional instruments like the fiddle, mandolin, kaval, and the gaida, a type of bagpipe. Internationally, Bulgarian cuisine is known for yogurt and white brine (feta) cheese though its salads, breads, soups, pastries, and other local dishes are much more diverse and varied than just yogurt and cheese.

    Bulgaria offers plenty of variety in type of accommodation and cost depending on what experience you’re looking for. Accommodations around the country include luxury hotels in the big cities, villas in the mountains, rural accommodations in the countryside, historic lodging in monasteries, as well as beach and ski resorts.

    Here is a look at some of the adventures that await travelers to Bulgaria:

    • Sample banitsa, a dough often filled with cheese, spinach, rice, or meat
    • Eat tarator, a traditional cold cucumber soup
    • Try various types of rakia, a spirit made from grapes and other fruits or ingredients like the rose rakia distilled in the Valley of Rose
    • Relax at a resort along the Black Sea such as Sunny Beach, the largest of Bulgaria’s Black Sea Resorts
    • Picnic in the summer or ski in the winter on Sofia’s Mount Vitosha
    • See the Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski, one of the most popular attractions in the capital
    • Visit the Balkans’ oldest nature reserve at Vitosha Natural Park
    • Experience gorgeous Bulgarian villages along the Rhodope Mountains
    • Visit the medieval fortress Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo in northern Bulgaria
    • See the Kazanlak Tomb, a Thracian tomb from 4th – 3rd century BC, at Tyulbeto park
    • Go to the Rila Mountains south of Sofia to see the Rila Monastery, the largest Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria
    • Visit the Ivan Vazov National Theater and enjoy the surrounding park

    Embassy Contact

    Address: 16, Kozyak Street
    Sofia 1408
    Phone: (359 2) 937 5100;
    After hours: (359) 2 937 5101

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