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    International Student Health Insurance

    International student health insurance is a key part of planning for a trip abroad.Students going abroad - even for just a short amount of time - have special insurance needs. They need travel insurance for students to protect their investment, but perhaps more importnatly, they need travel medical insurance in case of emergencies.

    Student Medical Insurance Covers Emergency Treatment Abroad

    Every student going abroad should have some type of specialized international health insurance in case of emergencies. Medical care abroad can be costly – and many times patients are expected to pay at the time of service. Even if your domestic health insurance covers international care (most don’t), patients may have to pay for it out-of-pocket. This can quickly add up. In some cases, credit cards have been maxed out and homes have been mortgaged to pay for an unexpected medical bill.

    International Student Health Insurance Covers Evacuations

    Sometimes, students travel to places that don’t have quality medical care. If an emergency should occur, an evacuation may be needed. Arranging and paying for an air ambulance to transport a person to a better hospital is costly. And without proper international student health insurance coverage, a family could be expected to pay for this service.

    Even if you’re a student going to a place with quality medical care, if you need to be evacuated home for long-term care, expenses add up. One healthy RoamRight traveler had an emergency in Europe, was hospitalized for a time, and then flew home to the United States for follow up care. His total medical expenses came to more than $117,000. Fortunately for him, he had purchased a RoamRight travel insurance policy. The total amount he paid for this experience? Just $78.

    RoamRight protects student trips that are less than 180 days in length. We have plans available for groups of students or individuals.

    If you have a group of 8 or more students traveling abroad, please consider becoming a RoamRight partner for extra benefits.

    Individual students, you can get your quote for insurance right here on our website.

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