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Rental Car Insurance

Rental car insurance is an alternative to using your personal auto insurance for costs to repair or replace your rental and fees imposed by the rental agency.

What is RoamRight's Rental Car Insurance?

Rental car insurance from RoamRight is an affordable alternative to primary loss and collision coverage on your personal auto insurance policy to cover a rental car.

Rental car insurance covers financial losses due to your rental car being damaged or stolen. It covers the cost to repair or replace the vehicle and loss of use fees imposed by the rental car agency as well. Rental agencies offer their own insurance plans to their customers. You may also consider taking advantage of any rental car insurance through one of your credit card companies. Unfortunately, this coverage is often limited with many destinations excluded.

Rental car insurance is just one of the many  travel insurance features offered by RoamRight. You can get an instant quote for travel insurance including rental car insurance, or speak with a RoamRight representative via live chat to start planning your perfect travel insurance package right away.