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Coverage Glossary

Definitions for Travel Insurance Terms

These definitions are provided for informational purposes only. Coverage is subject to actual policy language.

"Accident" means a sudden, unexpected, unusual, specific event which occurs at an identifiable time and place, but shall also include exposure resulting from a mishap to a conveyance in which You are traveling.

"Accidental Injury" means Bodily Injury caused by an Accident (of external origin) being the direct and independent cause in the Loss.

"Actual Cash Value" means purchase price less depreciation.

"Assistance Company" means the service provider with which the Company has contracted to coordinate and deliver emergency travel assistance, medical evacuation, and repatriation.

"Baggage" means luggage and personal possessions, whether owned, borrowed, or rented, taken by You on the Trip.

"Bankruptcy" means the filing of a petition for voluntary or involuntary Bankruptcy in a court of competent jurisdiction under Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code 11 U.S.C. Subsection 101 et seq.

"Benefit Period" means the allowable time period You have from the date of Injury or onset of Illness to receive Treatment for a covered Injury or Illness.

"Bodily Injury" means identifiable physical injury which: (a) is caused by an Accident, and (b) solely and independently of any other cause, except illness resulting from, or medical or surgical treatment rendered necessary by such Injury, is the direct cause of death or dismemberment of You within twelve months from the date of the Accident.

"Business Equipment" means property used in trade, business, or for the production of income; or offered for sale or trade or components of goods offered for sale or trade.

"Business Partner" means an individual who: (a) is involved in a legal partnership; and (b) is actively involved in the day to day management of the business.

"Checked Baggage" means a piece of Baggage for which a claim check has been issued to You by a Common Carrier.

"Child" shall mean Your step-child or a Child under Your legal guardianship, but only if such Child depends on Your support and maintenance and lives with You in a parent-Child relationship. The term Child does not include a foster Child who is eligible for benefits provided by a governmental program or law, unless required by the law of the State.

"City" means an incorporated municipality having defined borders and does not include the high seas, uninhabited areas, or airspace.

"Coinsurance" shall mean the percentage amount of eligible Covered Expenses, after the Deductible, which is Your responsibility and must be paid by You. The Coinsurance amount is stated in Your Schedule of Coverage and Service, under each stated benefit.

"Common Carrier" means any regularly scheduled land, sea, and/or air conveyance operating under a valid license for the transportation of passengers for hire.

"Company" means RoamRight's underwriter, Arch Insurance Company.

"Complication of Pregnancy" means a condition whose diagnosis is distinct from pregnancy but is adversely affected or caused by pregnancy.

"Cosmetic Surgery” means the surgical alteration of tissue primarily for the improvement of appearance rather than to improve or restore bodily functions.

"Covered Expenses" shall mean expenses incurred by You which are for medically necessary services, supplies, care, or treatment; due to illness or Injury; prescribed, performed or ordered by a Physician; reasonable and customary charges; incurred while insured under this policy; and which do not exceed the maximum limits shown in the accompanying Confirmation of Benefits, under each stated benefit.

"Cruise" means any prepaid sea arrangements.

"Deductible" shall mean the amount of eligible Covered Expenses which is Your responsibility and must be paid by You before benefits under the policy are payable by the Company. The Deductible amount is stated in Your Schedule of Coverage and Service, under each stated benefit.

"Default" means a material failure or inability to provide contracted services due to financial insolvency.

"Dentist" shall mean a legally licensed doctor of dental Surgery; dental medicine or dental science. A dental hygienist who works within the scope of his/her license, under the supervision of a Dentist, is a covered practitioner.

"Dependent" shall mean the spouse who is legally married to You; Your unmarried Child from until his/her 19th birthday; or Your unmarried Child who is over 18 years old but not older than 25 years old and is enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited school or college and is not employed on a full-time basis and is dependent on You for his/her support and maintenance. The age limits that apply to Dependent Child(ren) will not apply to Your Child who remains dependent on You for support and maintenance because he or she becomes incapable of working due to a physical handicap or retardation which occurs: before reaching the age limit; and while insured under the policy or any prior plan, provided such Child was insured on the date of termination of the prior plan.

"Disablement" as used with respect to medical expenses shall mean an Illness or an Accidental bodily Injury necessitating medical Treatment by a Physician as defined in the policy.

"Domestic Partner" means a person, at least 18 years of age, with whom You have been living in a spousal relationship with evidence of cohabitation for at least 10 continuous months prior to the Effective Date of coverage.

"Economy Fare" means the lowest published rate for a one-way ticket.

"Effective Date" means the date and time Your coverage begins, as outlined in the General Provisions section of the policy. The Effective Date Is the later of the following: 1. The Date the Company receives a completed enrollment form and premium for the Individual Coverage Term or 2. The moment You exit Your Home Country airspace.

"Emergency" shall mean a medical condition manifesting itself by acute signs or symptoms which could reasonably result in placing Your life or limb in danger if medical attention is not provided within 24 hours.

"Exotic Vehicles" includes Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Auburn, Avanti, Bentley, Bertone, BMC/Leyland, Bradley, Bricklin, Corvette, Cosworth, Clenet, De Lorean, Excalibre, Ferrari, Fiat, Hummer, Iso, Jaguar, Jensen, Jensen Healy, Lamborghini, Lancia, Lotus, Maserati, MG, Morgan, Pantera, Panther, Pininfarina, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Rover, Stutz, Sterling, Triumph, TVR. Antique cars meaning cars that are over 20 years old or have not been manufactured for 10 or more years, any vehicle with an original manufacturer’s suggested retail price greater than $25,000 and Yugo.

"Experimental/Investigational" means all services or supplies associated with: 1) Treatment or diagnostic evaluation which is not generally and widely accepted in the practice of medicine in the United States of America or which does not have evidence of effectiveness documented in peer reviewed articles in medical journals published in the United States. For the Treatment or diagnostic evaluation to be considered effective such articles should indicate that it is more effective than others available: or if less effective than other available Treatments or diagnostic evaluations, is safer or less costly; 2) A drug which does not have FDA marketing approval; 3) A medical device which does not have FDA marketing approval; or has FDA approval under 21 CFR 807.81, but does not have evidence of effectiveness for the proposed use documented in peer reviewed articles in medical journals published in the United States. For the devise to be considered effective, such articles should indicate that it is more effective than other available devices for the proposed use; or if less effective than other available devices, or is safer or less costly. The company will make the final determination as to whether a service or supply is Experimental/Investigational.

"Family Member" means You or Your Traveling Companion's legal or common law spouse, Domestic Partner, parent, legal guardian, step-parent, grandparent, parents-in-law, grandchild, natural or adopted child, foster child, ward, step-child, children-in-law, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.

"Hazard" means: a) Any delay of a Common Carrier (including Inclement Weather); b)Any delay by a traffic accident en route to a departure, in which You or Your Traveling Companion is directly or not directly involved; c) Any delay due to lost or stolen passports, travel documents or money, quarantine, hijacking, unannounced Strike, Natural Disaster.

"Home Country" shall mean the country where You have Your fixed and permanent home and principal establishment.

"Hospital" means a facility that: a) Holds a valid license if it is required by the law; b) Operates primarily for the care and treatment of sick or injured persons as in-patients; c) Has a staff of one or more Physicians available at all times; d) Provides 24 hour nursing service and has at least one registered professional nurse on duty or call; e) Has organized diagnostic and surgical facilities, either on the premises or in facilities available to the hospital on a pre-arranged basis; and f) Is not, except incidentally, a clinic, nursing home, rest home, or convalescent home for the aged, or similar institution.

"Host at Destination" means a person with whom You are sharing pre-arranged overnight accommodations at the host’s usual principal place of residence.

"Host Country" shall mean any country other than the country where You have Your true, fixed and permanent home and principal establishment.

"Illness" wherever used in the policy shall mean Sickness or disease of any kind and Disablement covered by the policy.

"Incident" or "Occurrence" shall mean all Illnesses that exist simultaneously and which are due to the same or related causes are considered to be one Incident. Further, if an Illness is due to causes which are the same as or related to the causes of a prior Illness, the Illness will be deemed to be a continuation of the prior Illness and not a separate Incident. All Injuries due to the same Accident shall be deemed to be one Incident.

"Inclement Weather" means any severe weather condition which delays the scheduled arrival or departure of a Common Carrier.

"Individual Coverage Term" means the period of time beginning when You have been enrolled for coverage under the policy and for whom the required premium has been paid and ending on the termination date as described in the Schedule of Coverage and Service.

"Injury" means Bodily Injury caused by an Accident occurring while this policy is in force, and resulting directly and independently of all other causes of Loss covered by the policy. The Injury must be verified by a Physician and require emergency care. The Injury must be the direct cause of the Loss, independent of disease, bodily infirmity or other causes. Any Loss due to Injury must begin after the Effective Date of the policy.

"Insured" means a person while covered under the policy and for whom the required premium is paid. Insured also means "You or Your".

"Land/Sea Arrangements" means land and or sea arrangements made by the Travel Supplier.

"Loss" means Injury or damage sustained by You as a result of one or more of the occurrences against which the Company has undertaken to indemnify You.

"Maximum Benefit" means the largest total amount of Covered Expenses that the Company will pay for You.

"Medically Necessary" means that a treatment, service, or supply is: (1) is essential for diagnosis, treatment or care of the Injury or Sickness for which it is prescribed or performed; (2) meets generally accepted standards of medical practice; and (3) is ordered by a Physician and performed under his or her care, supervision or order.

"Natural Disaster" means flood, fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, volcanic eruption, blizzard or avalanche that is due to natural causes.

"Permanent Residence" shall mean the country where You have Your fixed and permanent home and principal establishment, and to which You have the intention of returning.

"Physician" means a licensed practitioner of medical, surgical or dental services acting within the scope of his/her license and shall include Christian Science Practitioners. The treating Physician may not be You, a Traveling Companion or a Family Member.

"Pre-Existing Condition" means any Injury, Sickness or condition of You, a Traveling Companion or Your and/or Your Traveling Companion’s Family Member for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received within the 180 day period ending on the Effective Date. Sicknesses or conditions are not considered pre-existing if the Sickness or condition for which prescribed drugs or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription.

"Scheduled Departure Date" means the date on which You are originally scheduled to leave on the Trip.

"Scheduled Return Date" means the date on which You are originally scheduled to return to the point of origin or to a different final destination.

"Sickness" means an illness or disease which is diagnosed or treated by a Physician after the Effective Date of insurance and while You are covered under the policy.

"Ski Equipment" means skis, ski poles, ski bindings, ski boots, snowboards, snowboard bindings, snowboard boots, snowblades and any other recognized snow sports equipment.

"Strike" means any unannounced labor disagreement that interferes with the normal departure and arrival of a Common Carrier.

"Terrorism" is defined as the systematic or planned use of violence, fear, or threat of violence in order to intimidate a population or government, especially as a means of coercion or to obtain a granting of any demand. Terrorism does not include an event in any country or location where the United States government has issued a travel advisory that has been in effect within the 6 months prior to Your date of arrival. Terrorism does not include an event that occurs after a travel advisory has been issued after Your arrival date, and where You unreasonably fail or refuse to depart the location.

"Terrorist Attack" means an incident deemed an act of terrorism by the U.S. Government.

"Traveling Companion" means a person who is sharing travel arrangements with You. Note, a group or tour leader is not considered a Traveling Companion unless You are sharing room accommodations with the group or tour leader.

"Travel Supplier" means tour operator, Cruise line, hotel etc. who has made the Land and/or Sea Arrangements.

"Trip" means prepaid Land/Sea Arrangements and shall include flight connections to join or depart such Land/Sea Arrangements provided such flights are scheduled to commence within one week of the Land/Sea Arrangements. Travel must be more than 100 miles from the Your primary residence.

"Unforeseen" means not anticipated or expected and occurring after the Effective Date of the policy.

"Used" means to avail oneself of, to employ, to expend or consume, or to convert to one’s service.