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Questions about the purchase process to buy travel insurance coverage from RoamRight.

Travel Insurance Purchasing FAQs

How much does travel insurance cost?

Like any other kind of insurance, the cost of travel insurance is determined by a number of factors, including: trip duration, trip cost, age of insured, type of plan, deductibles, and upgrades. Read more about the cost of travel insurance.

What do I need to obtain travel insurance coverage?

In order to obtain an accurate quote for travel insurance, you'll need to know: trip dates, country and state of residence, and traveler birthdays. You'll need additional information for trip cancellation policies. Find out more about the information you'll need to get travel insurance.

Are the benefits listed "per person" or "per order"?

The benefits you see listed are per person.

Is the quote provided "per person" or "total for all travelers"?

The quote provided is the total for all travelers.

Can I change my travel dates on my policy?

Yes, you can change your travel dates on your policy. Please call us at 1-800-699-3845

Can I cancel my insurance plan?

When you purchase an insurance plan from RoamRight, you may cancel your plan by giving us written notice within 14 days of the effective date of your coverage or by your scheduled departure date, whichever occurs earlier. We will refund all of your premiums, provided you have not already filed a claim under the plan.

Residents of Indiana have up to 30 days from their effective date of coverage, and refunds are not available to residents of New York and Washington.

Can I purchase insurance after I've departed for my trip?

No, insurance must be purchased at least one day before your trip departure. If you are buying insurance on the same day you depart for your trip, your coverage will not become effective until 12:01AM the following day.

Do you cover non-US citizens? Can you cover someone visiting the US? If I'm a US citizen, but I live abroad, can I buy coverage?

At this time, RoamRight is only able to provide travel insurance benefits to citizens and permanent residents of the United States who reside in the United States. If you are an international citizen and are looking for travel insurance, we recommend searching on a travel insurance aggregator website, such as InsureMyTrip or Squaremouth.

When is my coverage effective? Can I buy for a trip that begins today?

Coverage goes into effect the day following your purchase. If you purchase coverage for a trip that begins today, the coverage will not go into effect until tomorrow. Coverage for the Medical plan goes into effect on your departure date.

Can I insure a trip within a trip?

Yes; however, you will not be eligible for the pre-existing condition waiver.

Can unrelated traveling companions be included in my order?


When and how will I receive my travel documents?

The fastest way to get your travel documents is via email. Whether you purchase through or over the phone, we will immediately email your documents to you. Be sure to add to your email address book to ensure delivery.

Alternatively, you can request to have your documents mailed to you. In this case, you will have your documents within 5-7 business days.

Can I increase or decrease my trip cost after I purchase my policy? Will this affect my pre-existing condition waiver?

You can increase your trip cost at any time after purchasing your policy, up until the start of your trip. The pre-existing condition waiver will apply to the added trip costs if you purchased your original coverage within 21 days of making the initial trip deposit. You may decrease your trip cost within the 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee Period.