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    RoamRight Unveils the Nation’s “Top 10 Cities to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day”

    Irish AbbeyTOWSON, MD. (Mar. 11, 2013) – Nearly 40 million Americans identify as being of Irish descent -- from Savannah’s green fountains to Chicago’s green river, America is home to some of the best Saint Patrick’s Day festivities around the world. Filled with music, food, tradition and revelry, RoamRight presents its list of America’s “greenest” celebration cities, highlighting places noted for their spectacular parades, unique time-honored traditions and never-ending green beer.

    A premier global travel insurance provider, RoamRight, a division of Arch Insurance Company, offers those who might not always have the “luck of the Irish” peace of mind by offering travel insurance plans for any trip type. With its list of “Top 10 Cities to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day,” RoamRight is guiding consumers to America’s favorite travel destinations for over-the-top celebrations:

    RoamRight’s Top 10 Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

    1. Chicago, IL
      A tradition that dates back five decades, the “Second City” holds one of the largest Saint Patrick’s Day parades in the U.S., attracting as many as 350,000 spectators. Each year, the Chicago River is dyed emerald green, a Saint Patrick’s Day tradition since the 1960s. The parade is a massive collection of Irish-inspired floats and dancers. Coupled with the long history of the South Side Irish Parade, the city’s celebration is a multi-day affair.
    2. New York City, NY
      Busy year-round, “The Big Apple” is home to the largest Saint Patrick’s Day parade in terms of attendance, with an estimated two million attendees every year. New York also has the longest continuously running Saint Patrick’s Day parade in the world. It was organized by Irish soldiers in the British army in 1762 and has been going strong ever since.
    3. San Francisco, CA
      On the West Coast there’s no Saint Patrick’s Day celebration that’s quite like the one that takes places in San Francisco. Called one of the most fashionable parades in the country, San Francisco’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade dates back to 1852 and follows the city’s iconic trolley tracks. Afterwards, the bars draw large crowds where green beer is served until it runs out.
    4. Phoenix, AZ
      “The Valley” can satisfy the urge to dance a jig by offering mugs of green beer and mounds of corned beef and cabbage. The city hosts the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Faire, which features Irish step dancers, bagpipers and marching bands. Following the parade the fair begins where there's entertainment provided by Celtic rock bands and Irish dancers, food and drinks, and an area for kids to enjoy pony rides, face painters and a petting zoo.
    5. San Diego, CA
      With more than 120 parade entries and thousands in attendance, Sand Diego’s Saint Patrick’s Day celebration has become one of the largest single-day events in the iconic city. Imitating the green scenery of Ireland, San Diego covers 80,000 square feet of its city blocks with artificial green turf to kick off Saint Patrick's Day.
    6. Boston, MA
      Known for its long-standing Irish heritage, Boston is an obvious choice for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. The celebration in Boston begins a full week before Saint Patrick’s Day. An incredible 850,000 people attend some portion of the celebration, whether it’s the Gaelic Gourmet Gala, the numerous Irish band concerts, or the infamous parade with nearly 600,000 spectators.
    7. Kansas City, MO
      With art, acting, food, gambling and more, Kansas City has something for everyone. Kansas City has been celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day as a city since 1873 and their parade is one of the best in the country. Drawing a crowd of approximately 200,000 people, the grand-prize winner of the parade procession wins an all expenses paid trip to Ireland.
    8. Washington, DC
      There are many celebratory events and activities throughout the Nation’s capital come Saint Patrick's Day. The most famous of these is the Shamrock Festival, which is an all-day event showcasing over 50 Irish bands, dancers, games and other activities. Washington’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade is called “The Nation’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade” and features floats, marching bands, military and police brigades.
    9. Savannah, GA
      Savannah has been celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a large parade since 1825. What started out as small event has turned into one of the biggest Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in the country. Savannah’s parade draws crowds of over 400,000 people. Dying the city’s fountains green is one of the most loved traditions of the city.
    10. New Orleans, LA
      The Big Easy can’t resist a good party, so New Orleans pairs Saint Patrick’s Day with Saint Joseph’s Day to create a week of fun. Constant parades and block parties are held during the week-long celebration in New Orleans. During these events, potatoes, cabbages, carrots, and onions (standard Irish stew ingredients) along with the traditional beads are tossed to the crowds.

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