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    Women “Flying Solo”

    According to leading provider of global travel insurance, RoamRight, more women are traveling alone

    Female Solo TravelerTowson, MD (April 8, 2013) –Young and young at heart, single, married and widowed women are taking on new adventures world wide – often without the added crutch of a friend or loved one by their side. While traveling alone can be an intimidating feat, many women are discovering a richer, confidence-boosting freedom when flying solo.

    Women searching for foreign vacations seek a variety of provocative locations worldwide. Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have a long-standing tradition of being popular destinations for female travelers due to their familiarity, outgoing populations and – in some circumstances – fewer language barriers. Less common destinations such as India, Morocco and Iceland are gaining popularity for single travelers in search for increased spirituality, adventure and backpacking.

    Solo travel is fun and challenging, and while there are numerous reasons to be cautious, there is not one reason to be scared. The key is to be prepared with good information and a positive attitude. We highly recommend getting inspired by reading books written by solo women travelers about their personal experiences, seeking out other women travelers for advice, taking foreign language classes, and keeping up on international news so you know the current state of the host country.

    A solo woman is more approachable than a couple or a solo man, so the likelihood of meeting new people is much higher. We recommend staying in hostels as a great way to meet people during the trip. Hostels are open to all ages and offer a built-in family in an unfamiliar area. Another option is to choose small pensions and bed and breakfasts, where the owners genuinely care about the people staying with them and have time to talk. Also, eating out, taking a walking tour of the city and pairing up with another solo traveler will ease any female traveler’s nerves and make them feel at home.

    Safety is the number one priority when traveling solo in unfamiliar areas. We recommend seeking out travel destinations that are both entertaining and comfortable to the female solo traveler. Having an international cell phone on hand for emergencies is recommended for all travelers, as well as erring on the side of caution in possibly uncomfortable situations, and trusting underlying gut instincts. Never being embarrassed to ask for help and directions, displaying confidence and dressing appropriately by local standards are highly advisable tips for staying safe while traveling.

    Women are often perceived as being an easy target for theft, which is why an obvious solution to avoid travel theft is sticking to the safer parts of town. Some thieves prey on women in crowded areas like bus stations and during street celebrations, so we advise watching the crowd. Staying in well-lit areas is smart, but if traveling after dark is a must, we recommend carrying a small, heavy flashlight.

    While carrying a flashlight and wearing modest clothing will help limit exposure to unfortunate circumstances, travel insurance can add an extra layer of protection during a female's solo journey. RoamRight, a division of Arch Insurance Company, offers a variety of travel insurance plans that will fit any solo adventure. Female travelers curious about more travel tips or to obtain a quote on travel insurance can call 1-877-687-7170.


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