How Hard Is It To Change Travel Insurance Providers?

Published on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Switching to RoamRight for your travel insurance provider is easy.

They are the only travel insurance provider I’ve ever worked with.

They are the provider that my host agency recommends.

I already know what their policies cover and their limits.

It’s too complicated to change travel insurance providers.

These are just a few of the reasons travel agents and tour operators give when asked why they stay with their current travel insurance provider. These reasons may even be enough to keep you with a provider that you don’t particularly like. Often, it isn’t until a travel insurance provider disappoints – such as through a claim denial that you don’t agree with or because of legal or compliance issues – that an agent may consider switching carriers. It just seems like too much of a hassle for many agents.

The truth is, it’s easy to change travel insurance providers, and it’s easy to get started with RoamRight. Unless you have some kind of exclusivity clause with your current provider, there’s actually no reason why you shouldn’t at least consider RoamRight to protect your travelers.

Travel Insurance Benefits That Exceed Our Competitors

RoamRight travel insurance offers many unique benefits and timelines that many of our competitors do not. These include:

  • A longer time period for pre-existing conditions waiver and cancel for any reasons upgrades.
  • A convenient mobile app that allows travelers to look up their policy, receive travel and security alerts, research a destination, seek medical help in a foreign language, and much more.
  • An online claims process that completely takes the paper out of claims. Travelers can even just take photos of their receipts and upload them – no need for originals!
  • Help, support, and coverage for natural disasters, security and political emergencies.

One service that RoamRight performs that most of our competitors do not is that we proactively reach out to our travelers after a significant travel event, such as the terrorist attacks in Paris or Brussels, or a natural disaster that has affected many people. Travelers are exceptionally appreciative when they discover that their travel insurance provider cares about their health and well-being.

Want to see a more thorough explanation of RoamRight’s benefits? Watch this webinar, 5 Ways To Reassure Your Travelers In An Uncertain World.

Exceptional Services For Travel Agents and Tour Operators

For you, RoamRight offers marketing support in the form of cobranded materials, including your own website! We also have a thorough email marketing system to support you. Your clients will receive quote reminder emails to encourage them to purchase, as well as informational emails in the weeks leading up to their trip. Even more exciting is that if one of your clients buys directly from RoamRight in the future, you could earn commission on that sale as well!

It’s Easy To Become A RoamRight Partner

It’s simple to become a RoamRight partner. The first step is to complete this form. Then, one of our sales managers will contact you directly to talk about the plans you want to offer to your travelers. There are a few forms to fill out (you do want to earn your commission, right?), and you’ll want to give us a few days to set up your cobranded website. If everything happens in a timely manner, it’s reasonable to think you can be up and running within a week…two at the most!

Are you ready to become a RoamRight partner? Contact us to get started!


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