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    • Capital: Sucre
    • Climate: Humid/Tropical, Cold/Semiarid
    • Currency: BOB - Bolivian Boliviano
    • Dialing Code: 591
    • Drives on: Right
    • Emergency (Ambulance) #: 911
    • Emergency (Fire) #: 911
    • Emergency (Police) #: 911
    • Internet Top Level Domain: .bo
    • Land Mass (km2): 1098581
    • Official Language(s): Spanish Language, Quechua, Aymara language,Guaraní language, Puquina Language, Mòoré Language, Baure Language, Araona Language, Movima language, Pacahuara language,Machiguenga language, Itonama Language, Sirionó language, Kallawaya,Yuracaré language, Chácobo language, Uru language, Ayoreo language,Yaminahua Language, Yuqui Language, Itene Language, Cavineña Language, Tapieté Language, Pauserna Language, Toromono language,Wichí Lhamtés Nocten Language, Guarayu Language, Moxos language,Leco Language, Chiquitano Language, Canichana Language, Tacana Language, Cayubaba Language, Tsimané Language, Reyesano Language
    • Plug Configuration: C,A
    • Population (est): 10,461,053
    • Time Zone (of capital): BOT (UTC/GMT -4 hours) - NO DST
    • Plug Configuration C
    • Plug Configuration A


    Major Tourist Attractions: Salar de Uyuni, Tiwanaku, Laguna Verde, San Pedro Prison, Valle de la Luna

    With history dating back over 3000 years, there is plenty to see and do, all while keeping your budget low with affordable places to stay.

    From mountain climbers reaching above icy peaks high in the Andes, to photographers shooting the sunset over windswept deserts, or nature lovers relaxing riverside in the lush rainforest, Bolivia attracts an adventurous traveler.

    Locals speak a slower pace of Spanish, equipped with friendly attitudes and a desire to show visitors how great this country is. Land locked by five other South American countries, and often overlooked for travel destinations, the unexpected variety of landscapes and activities often has visitors wishing to return again and again.

    With a history dating back over 3,000 years and after being occupied by both the Incas and Spanish, Bolivia delivers a unique mix of cultures. Visitors love exploring markets filled with brightly colored garments and tasty spicy treats. It’s easy to get lost for days exploring humble village streets or grand colonial squares; every corner of Bolivia holds another flavor of its history.

    Budget minded travelers revel as Bolivia is a comfortable place to stay, with affordable guesthouses, hotels or hostels found at nearly every destination across the country. Whether you’re escaping to the jungle or the mountains, a network of internal flights, buses and hotels make it easy for travelers to access all the sights across the country.

    Here is a look at some of the adventures across Bolivia:

    • Paddle the shores of Lake Titicaca, stopping at Isla del Sol or Isla del Luna with enough time to walk across the islands.
    • Watch the sunset below the Salar de Uyuni salt flats.
    • Fish for piranhas while sleeping in an eco-lodge in Parque Nacional Madidi.
    • Sleep in a floating hotel in Mamore.
    • Go flamingo spotting in the lagoons of the high alitplano region.
    • Enter Cerro Rico to see an operating silver mine in Potosi.
    • Bike down the “Death Road” near La Paz, dubbed the “world’s most dangerous road”.
    • Ice climb and trek to Huyana Potosi, an accessible 6,000m peak in the Andes.
    • Stop for a Pacena beer while exploring the city architecture of La Paz.
    • Explore the white city of Sucre.
    • Explore the Amazon basin with boat and hiking trips in the jungle.
    • Drink a chicha cochabambina in Cochabamba, a fermented corn beer that the Inca’s regarded as a sacred beverage.
    • Stock up on saltena snacks, a spicy pasty filled with meat, vegetables, and egg.
    • Discover the sounds of the jungle in the lowlands of the Amazon Rainforest.
    • Hear a waterfall’s thunder as it crashes in Amboro National Park.

    Embassy Contact

    Address: Avenida Arce 2780
    Casilla 425
    La Paz, Bolivia
    Phone: 591-2-216-8000

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