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Adventure Travel Insurance

Adventure travel insurance is necessary for any trip that includes more exciting activities like skiing, mountain climbing, and SCUBA diving.

Your adventure travelers have special adventure travel insurance needs: They take part in risky activities. They travel with expensive gear. They go to remote places. And they love every moment of it.

Adventure vacations need travel insurance that covers each exciting activity planned. RoamRight offers a Hazardous Sports Coverage upgrade that meets these needs.

Caution: Adventure Travelers Love Taking Risks

Risk – it’s what defines an adventure. It is also excluded from many travel insurance policies. RoamRight’s Hazardous Sports Coverage upgrade covers many hazardous activities such as bungee jumping, spelunking, hang gliding, rock climbing, and skydiving.

Please note: The activities considered adventurous are based on your travelers’ state of residence. In some states, even common vacation activities like skiing, snowboarding, SCUBA diving, and jet skiing require special adventure coverage. Understand what activities your travelers will do, and check this list to determine the best RoamRight policy for proper coverage.

Adventure Tours Should Offer Extra Baggage Insurance

Gear is expensive – from skis and snowboards to SCUBA gear or crampons. Whatever type of gear your travelers bring with them, they’ll want to make sure it’s covered. RoamRight’s upgrades allow for sporting equipment that is often excluded from other travel insurance plans. So your travelers can rest assured knowing that their gear is covered.

Adventure Travel Insurance Is Needed For Remote Locations

When planning an adventure travel vacation, proximity to healthcare should be considered. Because what if an accident happens? How long will it take to get to quality medical care?

Many travelers may participate in hazardous activities while staying close to a hospital with quality care. But other travelers may be taking a remote trip. What if the nearest hospital is hours away by plane or helicopter? These travelers need a plan in place that would allow them to get the medical care they need in an emergency – without having to worry about paying for it.

Even if your travelers will be close to quality healthcare, if they need help returning home for long-term care, the costs can quickly add up. RoamRight had one traveler who needed an air ambulance flight from Europe to the United States. The cost? $70,000. And it wasn’t covered by his primary health insurance. Most people aren’t prepared to pay that…are your travelers?

RoamRight’s Adventure Insurance Protects Travelers

Your adventurous travelers need quality coverage like the kind offered by RoamRight’s travel insurance plans. Use this form to contact us. We'll reach out to you about protecting your adventurers with quality travel insurance from RoamRight.


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