Don’t Assume Your Clients See The Value In Travel Insurance

Published on Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Make sure you clients see the value of travel insurance.

How do you offer travel insurance to your customers? Do you have a frank conversation with them about its value? Or do you just include it as a brochure in the package of information you give them?

If you aren’t speaking directly to your clients about travel insurance, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity. The truth is, in the U.S., travelers may not always see the need for insurance. As their travel agent, you may need to make the case for them.

Unlike our international counterparts, U.S. travelers don’t always think about whether or not their health insurance will cover them when they are far from home. And the way some airlines make it easy (and sometimes free) to change flight arrangements, protecting a travel investment may not always be a big concern.

That’s why it’s up to you to explain the benefits of travel insurance to your travelers.

Here are some short case studies and examples that help demonstrate the value of travel insurance:

Because You Never Know When a Medical Emergency Will Occur

  • One healthy traveler developed nausea and within days was diagnosed with kidney failure. His medical care and evacuation home cost $117,000. His RoamRight policy cost just $28. Read his story.
  • A multi-generational trip to Italy ended abruptly when the matriarch suffered a stroke. Her medical costs and evacuation came to $85,000. The total cost for insuring the entire family with travel insurance? $223. Read her story.
  • A young woman needed emergency surgery while on a trip to Spain. Watch her story here:

Because you don’t plan a vacation thinking you’ll have to cancel it:

  • The same family who had the emergency in Italy above could have also lost an additional $2,600 in lost trip costs and additional expenses, but they recovered these costs thanks to their travel insurance policy.
  • Hurricanes and blizzards can both wreck havoc on travel plans. Having insurance means that even if your travelers can’t get to their destinations, they won’t lose out on any deposits.
  • Any family is familiar with how often children can get sick. Watch how RoamRight helped one mom when her daughter got sick – right before their dream vacation:

If you aren’t sure how to talk to your clients about the importance of travel insurance – start with these stories. You can also reinforce it by emailing your clients links to the articles and videos above. You can also follow these instructions to post a video directly on your website.

Our main goal is to help agents help their travelers protect their investments. Are there other resources that you feel would be helpful to you in selling travel insurance? Email your ideas to


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