How to increase your travel insurance sales using video testimonials

Published on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Did you know that, if you have a video on your travel insurance page, people are more likely to buy? When we added videos to our own consumer homepage, we saw a 74% increase in travel insurance sales.

So how can you use videos as well? First of all, you don’t have to worry about making your own videos to persuade your travelers to buy insurance. We’ve already done that for you. RoamRight has YouTube videos accessible for you to use. Videos range in length from fifteen seconds to one minute, and talk to a variety of audiences: family groups, business travelers, adventure travelers and more.

Simply follow these step by step instructions and you can embed a video into your website as well.

  1. Visit the RoamRight YouTube Channel.
  2. Select the video you want to show on your website.
  3. Under the video player, look for the row that says Add To, Share, and More. Click on Share.
  4. A second box will appear below. The options on this box are Share, Embed, and Email. Click on Embed.
  5. A line of code will appear (hint: it begins with < iframe…). You can copy and paste this code into the HTML of your website.
  6. If you want more advanced settings, click on Show More. Here, you can do several things:
    1. Adjust video size. The numbers shown are in pixels. Pick one of the pre-set options or create a custom size.
    2. Check whether or not you want to show suggested videos when the video finishes playing. Please note that RoamRight does not have control over what videos are shown. Because of this, we suggest you uncheck this box.
    3. Show player controls. This gives your audience the option to jump forward or back as the video is playing. We suggest you keep this box checked.
    4. Show video title and player actions. This displays the title in an overlay as the video is playing. We encourage you to keep this option checked.
    5. Enable privacy-enhanced mode. Enabling this option means that YouTube won’t store information about visitors on your web page unless they play the video. We suggest you check this box.
  7. When you have the settings you want, you can copy the line of code from the top of the box, above the video preview. Simply place it into the HTML of your website to add the video.
We saw a 74% increase in travel insurance sales after adding video to our website. You may see an increase too!

We realize this is a lot of steps. If you need help, we are happy to walk you through them. Simply contact your regional sales manager for assistance.

Are you not yet a RoamRight partner? We'd love to have you! Contact us to find out about protecting your travelers with RoamRight travel insurance.

If you post a RoamRight video on your website, we'd love to see it. Share a link to it in the comments below!


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