How RoamRight Helps Your Clients During A Time Of Chaos

Published on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

RoamRight reaches out to your travelers by email in an emergency.Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of State issued a travel alert for Europe, warning US citizens to the risk of potential terrorist attacks. This may raise some concerns in your travelers, but for many, their travel plans will stay the same. But what happens if a tragedy occurs? How can RoamRight help your travelers?

RoamRight Cares About Your Travelers

When a significant event occurs that is likely to impact travelers and travel plans, we have two ways of reaching out to travelers. Alerts are sent out through the RoamRight mobile app, so travelers who are within 100 miles of a situation or have that destination listed in their app will receive a push alert.

In addition to mobile app notifications, RoamRight takes the proactive step of contacting travelers we believe to be in the area. That’s why it’s important to share with us your travelers’ plans. Such events may be anything from a terrorist attack, natural disaster, violent political uprising, etc. We realize that, during a time of chaos, especially in a foreign country where there could be a language barrier, it can be easy to forget what resources are available. Think about it – if emotions are heightened and adrenaline is running high, your travel insurance company may not be the first phone call you make. In fact, for many travelers, they may likely call you – their travel agent or tour operator – for help.

In 2014, RoamRight started proactively reaching out to our travelers with an email when an event occurs. For example, when the terrorist attacks occurred in Paris last year, we sent an email to all our travelers in France.

The email is very basic and straightforward. In it, we acknowledge the situation, ask if the travelers need help, and remind them of the resources available to them. Thankfully, since we implemented this program, all of our travelers have been safe after each event.

I've used roam right [sic] several times and couldn't be happier… in my most recent travels, I was in Paris during the terrible attacks and awoke Saturday morning to an email from roam right assuring me that they were there to help with any difficulties in travel home that I may face. That proactive email from them meant the world to me. (Click here to read the full review.)

How Other Companies Handle Chaos

While it may take other companies days to proactively reach their travelers, RoamRight can implement this process within a matter of hours of learning of such an event. When the attacks occurred in Paris, RoamRight had posted a message to our website and reach out to our travelers within hours. We monitored our competitors throughout the weekend and into the next week, and it wasn’t until Tuesday morning before we saw any of our major travel insurance competitors post anything on their website – that’s three whole days after the incident!

It’s not often that you find an insurance company that is proactively reaching out to travelers – most of the time, it seems like they are avoiding their customers for fear of claims. If they do anything, it may be a notice on their website or on their social media accounts.

We believe we are one of the only travel insurance companies to offer this proactive service at no extra cost to you or your travelers. At RoamRight, we put your travelers’ health and safety first. And reassuring them during an emergency is as important to us as it is to you.

Would you like to protect your travelers with insurance by RoamRight? Contact us to get started.

Fortunately, I didn't need any help during my trip but I was impressed by RoamRight's reassurance that they were there for me should I have been inconvenienced or endangered by the earthquakes in Japan. I felt they were paying attention and looking out for me. (Click here to read the full review.)



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