The One App Your Clients Need Before Their Trip

Published on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

All of our vital resources now reside in the palm of our hands, stored in our smartphones for access at a moment's notice. Why should it be any different for traveling?

The RoamRight app is designed to remove the worry from a time when your clients really shouldn't be worrying at all. After purchasing a policy, RoamRight customers receive unlimited access to an information-rich app that can keep them safe, organized, and informed.

Featuring an easy-to-use resource to save important travel documents, a detailed map of all travel alerts, medical resources that will make foreign trips to the doctors or pharmacy drastically easier, and much more, the RoamRight app can ensure your travelers are the most informed travelers.

But Wait ... What's In It For Me?

Besides being an invaluable resource that can push your customers to purchase a RoamRight policy, the app also has recurring benefits for you as a partner.

Once one of your travelers buys a RoamRight policy through you and sets up an account, any future purchase made through that account will be attributed to you. So if one of your travelers buys through the RoamRight app for their next travel insurance purchase, you will still earn the commission or referral fee, no matter if you assisted them this time or not. It's our way of saying "thank you" for introducing that traveler to us.

So What Makes the RoamRight App Special?

There is no fluff in the RoamRight app - it's all practical, detailed information that is not often found in guidebooks. Best of all, it is ever-changing, always up to date, never leaving the traveler without current information.

Secure Travel Document Storage:

Why should travelers worry about paperwork while they are on a trip? Using encryption technology, the RoamRight app allows users to safely and securely store important documents within the app.

Once a policy is purchased, and the app is downloaded and linked to an account, a digital copy of the customer’s insurance ID card and confirmation of benefits is automatically available. Users can then upload documents such as their passport to ensure they always have it.

And if the traveler needs to file a claim, the RoamRight app is a great place to store images of receipts so they do not need to worry about bringing all the originals home. Since RoamRight does not require originals of receipts, these images can make filing a claim simple.

Travel Alerts:

The RoamRight app shows the overall threat level of a particular country, including ratings for specific threats.

Most travelers consider travel alerts the most useful feature of the RoamRight app. When travelers store their destination information in the app, they'll be notified any time there is an event that could impact their travel. This could be anything from flash flooding to disease outbreak, workers strike to a bombing.

Travelers who have location services on their phone turned on will also automatically receive notifications if a situation occurs within 100 miles of their current position. So if travelers are not paying attention to local news, they will still receive pertinent information.

Each alert features a brief overview of the event as well as historical information surrounding the event. This is helpful in understanding what may be driving the event, particularly in cases of civil unrest or political conflicts.

Every alert also features actionable advice from top security experts, making it easier for travelers to remain safe.

In addition to written alerts, travel alerts can also be viewed on a world map, allowing a user to see how much activity is going on in any particular spot around the world.

Safety Ratings:

In addition to travel alerts, we have partnered with a team of safety and security experts who monitor global events every day. Every country is given a safety rating on a 1-5 scale. This rating is determined by combining the individual ratings of the categories of civil unrest, crime, geopolitical, kidnapping, security services and terrorism. With each country, it is easy to see of which factors a traveler should be the most aware.

Country information is split into 17 categories detailing intelligence data ranging from an evaluation of the country's security and terrorism to a list of medical facilities, and even maritime services. Each category includes a description as well as detailed information about resources and references.

Medical Phrase Translation Services & Drug Equivalents:

What happens if you suffer an injury in a foreign country where English is not a primary language? How do you plan to effectively communicate with doctors and nurses? Or what if your prescription runs out while overseas? How do you find the proper translation of your medication?

What happens if you suffer an injury in a foreign country where English is not a primary language? How do you plan to effectively communicate with doctors and nurses?

The RoamRight app features dependable tools to make medical emergencies overseas less stressful.

With a medical phrase translation tool that provides written and audio translation for more than 100 medical phrases in Spanish (both continental and Latin American), French, Italian, German, Chinese, and Japanese, the RoamRight app makes it easy to say "Please call an ambulance," or "Rufen Sie bitte einen Krankenwagen" if you're in Germany. Or just tap the play button and let your phone say it for you, eliminating any further confusion.

The app also features a catalog of both prescription and over-the-counter drugs and their local equivalents around the world. For example, if a traveler needs their allergy medication while in Mexico, they can look up Zyrtec in the drug equivalent tool and learn to ask the pharmacist for Cetitev, Reactine, or Tradaxin.

And if a traveler needs a prescription medication, RoamRight's 24/7 assistance provider can help with finding a refill if they need one while abroad.

Contact RoamRight:

Finally, the RoamRight app helps travelers quickly and easily contact us in case they have questions about their policy or need help with a claim.

In an emergency, travelers can reach the 24/7 assistance team with the touch of a button. If your travelers are worried about calling charges, they can enable the app to make this call over the internet. If they have Wi-Fi access, they can reach us!

Get Access to the RoamRight App

Individual travelers can find the app by searching "RoamRight" in your app store. The app is free to download, however some features are only available to RoamRight customers.

All RoamRight partners can be granted full access to the RoamRight app for their use. Simply contact us to get started.



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