Work Smarter - Not Harder - With RoamRight's Abandoned Quote Emails

Published on Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Save time by using RoamRight's abandoned quote emails.

You’re busy. Sometimes, too busy. And following up with a client about purchasing travel insurance just isn’t high on your priority list.

We get it. You do have more exciting things to do – like plan honeymoons in Hawaii, vacations in Europe, and adventures in Japan.

But, it’s critical to make sure your travelers are protected with travel insurance. You probably already know the benefits of travel insurance, and you may have already urged your clients to purchase insurance. If you’re really on your game, you even gave them a quote to cover their trip. But now what?

If you want to earn your commission or referral fee, you’ll need to follow up…possibly more than once. With RoamRight, though, you can rest easy, because we do that for you!

The Key To Generating More Travel Insurance Purchases? An Email Address!

When you create a quote for your client, you have the option to email the quote directly to them. Send it! Use the email address you have on file for your clients. When you do this, here is what will happen:

  1. Your client will get the quote emailed directly to them. They’ll then be able to click on a link and buy their travel insurance directly from us online. You don’t have to do a thing. (Of course you’ll get the commission!)
  2. What if your clients don’t buy travel insurance? Then we’ll send them a follow-up two days later. A number of clients simply forget to buy the insurance and this email helps remind them.

Help Your Clients Make The Most Of Their Early-Purchase Benefits

If we have your client’s email address associated with a quote and they don’t buy insurance, we’ll remind them again as the deadline for early-purchase benefits gets closer. We want our RoamRight customers to take advantage of the benefits we have for them – like qualifying for a waiver for pre-existing conditions or having the option to purchase Cancel For Any Reason coverage. These benefits are only available within the first 21 days that a traveler has made his or her trip deposit. So if your clients meet these criteria, we’ll remind them to purchase their travel insurance as that deadline approaches.

One Last Reminder For Medical Coverage

Finally, if your clients still haven’t bought their travel insurance, we’ll send them one more remind a week before their trip. At this point in time, they may not be interested in the trip cancellation benefits, but should still consider having travel health insurance for their time away from home. With one more reminder, clients are grateful that we’re looking out for them!

It Pays To Share Your Clients With Us

When you share your clients with us, we can market directly to them, and you can still get the commission for future sales...even if they don't book their travel through you!

We know a lot of travel agents and tour operators are hesitant to share their clients directly with us. You’re worried that we’ll keep those clients for ourselves. That’s where our legacy commission program comes in. You see, when one of your clients comes through you to buy travel insurance through us, they’ll have the chance to set up a RoamRight account. They’ll need an account with us to use great tools like the RoamRight mobile app. Once they set up their account, we’ll know that they found us because of you. And if they buy directly for a future trip that they may not book through you, you’ll still get the commission. After all, you introduced them to us!

Sign Me Up For These Emails!

If you are already a RoamRight partner, your clients can already receive the abandoned quote emails. All you have to do is make sure you put in your client's email address when emailing a quote. Don't use your own - it just won't work. Because every time you get a new quote, the system will think you're planning a new trip and won't send you the reminder emails. So stick with your client's email and rest assured that you'll still get the commission you are counting on.

If you’d like to start offering your clients RoamRight travel insurance, or if you want to learn more about our abandoned quote program, contact us. We’ll be happy to talk to you about it.


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