Why Voomago Uses RoamRight - and You Should Too

Published on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Voomago Travel LogoVoomago is a travel provider who connects travelers with authentic, hand-picked locals from around the world to give clients a personalized, intimate travel experience. With a local tourguide, travelers are able to waste less time, avoid tourist traps, and get a leg up on logistics.

RoamRight spoke with Antimo Cimino, one of Voomago’s founders, who plays a key role in connecting locals with travelers.

Do you always offer travel insurance?

Yes, absolutely! I only offer RoamRight.

How has RoamRight helped your clients?

This past year, I had two separate clients who had to cancel their trips due to medical reasons, and one trip that was affected by an earthquake. In all instances, my relationship with RoamRight proved outstanding and flawless.

Why did you choose RoamRight as your travel insurance provider?

When I was looking for a travel insurance provider, I reviewed SO many options. I felt understood by the team at RoamRight - they were very open to assisting me and answering my questions without pushing me to make an immediate decision.

What do you love most about RoamRight?

When I talk to my clients about it, they comment on how easy it is to use RoamRight and how it fits a variety of their needs. One client in particular said that when she called for help, they were extremely delightful and helpful.

What advice do you have for other travel agents looking to earn extra income through travel insurance?

I suggest you partner with a travel insurance company that is a good fit with your customer service level - a company that is quick in replying in case of real needs and can offer advice. It’s important that they are able to assist clients who might be in difficult situations.

Where can we learn more about your company?

We’re online at Voomago.com. We specialize in travel that falls in the gray area that lies between all-inclusive travel tours and do-it-yourself traveling.

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