Senior Travelers and Travel Insurance

Published on Wednesday, December 2, 2015
An elderly woman looks forward to traveling to Norway.

At almost 90 years old, Betty* was looking forward to her three-week trip to Norway. She was going to see the midnight sun, eat pickled herring, and venture into the Arctic Circle.

A week into her trip, Betty developed a case of pneumonia. She experienced respiratory distress, was hospitalized, and put on a ventilator to help her breathe. Ultimately, she stayed in the hospital for 20 days before she was able to fly home via air ambulance. The cost of her evacuation? Almost $90,000.

It’s critical that elderly travelers understand the value of travel insurance. This group of travelers needs to be prepared for medical situations that can happen in any location. Senior travelers have an increased likelihood of falling, becoming exhausted, experiencing chest pain, or suffering from any number of other medical emergencies.

Travel insurance can help ease concerns that traveling seniors may have:

  • What if I need a hospital abroad? You travel insurance has a 24/7 emergency response center that knows the best hospitals near you.
  • What if I lose my prescription medication? Your travel insurance can help arrange a refill.
  • How can I get healthcare for my international trip? The right travel insurance policy will provide medical coverage where the standard Medicare policy does not.

When you are booking travel for your mature travelers, stress the importance of buying travel insurance early. With RoamRight, its best if a traveler buys insurance within 21 days of the first payment for their trip. When they buy in that timeframe, the policy exclusion for pre-existing medical conditions is waived – a great peace of mind for many senior travelers.

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