Is It Covered?

Published on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In an uncertain world, travelers purchase travel insurance to have peace of mind that they are covered financially and/or medically when they travel. When choosing insurance, it’s critical to carefully evaluate plan information and coverage. This helps assure travelers that they are protected for possible mishaps or issues specific to their circumstances.

In this series we will review different scenarios that may challenge your insurance knowledge, and in so doing sharpen your skills for assisting your travelers and determining the best coverage choices.

Mental Nervous Conditions

For our first case, a traveler planned a trip with his wife. He purchased trip insurance for both of them. Less than a week prior to their trip, his stepdaughter had a nervous breakdown. She was not hospitalized.

Is their trip cancellation covered?

In this case, these travelers were not covered for trip cancellation, because the stepdaughter was not hospitalized. In general, mental nervous conditions are not covered unless the patient is hospitalized. Had the stepdaughter been hospitalized, this would have been a covered reason to cancel the trip, and they would have been reimbursed for their non-refundable trip costs.

Have you encountered an unusual coverage situation with a client? Or do you have a specific Is it covered? question you would like to ask us? Submit a scenario and it may be featured in our Learning Center.

* These cases are specific to RoamRight policies and don’t necessarily apply to other travel insurance providers.


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