Is It Covered? II

Published on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This post continues our series “Is it covered?” Carefully evaluating plan information and coverage to help assure travelers that they are protected for possible mishaps or issues specific to their circumstances is critical for travel professionals.

In this series we will review different scenarios that may challenge your insurance knowledge, and in so doing sharpen your skills for assisting your travelers and determining the best coverage choices.

Your Traveling Companion Becomes Ill or Injured

A traveler planned a trip with her husband. She purchased trip insurance. Immediately prior to the trip, the husband fell down and cracked his skull, rendering him unable to travel.

Is the wife’s trip cancellation covered, even though she is still able to travel?

This is a good example of a traveling companion’s injury or illness being a covered reason for a traveler to cancel her trip. In this particular case, the travelers are related, but coverage would still apply if traveling companions are NOT related. In addition, even if the traveling companion did NOT have travel insurance but the traveler did, her cancellation would be covered. She was reimbursed for her non-refundable trip costs, as was her husband since he had travel insurance as well.

Have you encountered an unusual coverage situation with a client? Or do you have a specific Is it covered?” question you would like to ask us? Submit a scenario and it may be featured in our Learning Center.



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