Hot Destinations: Denmark

Published on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Travel agents love Denmark

Denmark is a country steeped in history as well as natural beauty, and is gaining the attention of international travelers. Danes consistently rank as some of the happiest citizens in the world, and their capital city, Copenhagen, is often described similar to Portland, Oregon: a mix of diverse geography, great food, and quirkiness. How quirky? They host events like World Pillow Fight Day every year.

Let’s explore more about Denmark, why your clients would want to visit, and how they can protect their trip with travel insurance.

See and Eat in Denmark

If your clients are literature and history buffs, suggest Denmark as a destination. The Little Mermaid was written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, Shakespeare’s Hamlet is set in the Kronborg, one of Denmark’s royal castles, and Vikings were said to sail from Denmark, inspiring countless stories. Castles abound in and around Copenhagen, creating a stark contrast to how the city has modernized.

Clients who love seafood are also in the right country, with numerous Michelin star rated restaurants known for their seafood. No trip to Denmark is complete without tasting their mackerel or herring. If clients are into fishing, they can visit during the annual Mackerel Festival and taste the day’s freshest catch.

Protect Their Trip with Travel Insurance

Denmark seems like a great destination, but do your clients need travel insurance? The answer is always yes. It’s not necessarily about the destination; travel insurance not only protects your clients while they are in their destination, but can also protect them while they are traveling to and from their trip. It is unlikely your clients are flying directly into Copenhagen, and layovers and connections can be the source of many airline issues during travel. In 2010 when a volcano erupted in Iceland, it caused a catastrophic delay in air travel all over the European continent and abroad. It is always a good idea to protect your trip’s investment, so make sure you’re set up to offer your clients trip protection with RoamRight.

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