How To Address Common Objections To Travel Insurance in the USA

Published on Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Overcoming objections to travel insurance USA

Your travelers may think they can skip the travel insurance if they are staying in the United States. After all, they’ll be in their home country with quality medical care. And many places offer refunds for cancellations, so why should they spend money on a travel insurance USA plan?

Here are a few common objects agents may hear when talking about travel insurance for domestic trips, and how you can address them.

Objection #1: I don’t need Travel Insurance in the USA. My primary healthcare will take care of me.

Even if you are staying within the United States, your day-to-day health insurance may not cover you if you’re out of your network. And, unless you have a multi-state health plan, many healthcare networks do not extend beyond state borders. So if you’re leaving your home state, you’ll be subject to out-of-network costs – if you’re even covered at all.

When you have travel medical insurance for a USA trip, you’ll have medical coverage on your trip, regardless of your home health plan. And if you buy your travel insurance policy within 21 days of making the first payment on your trip, any pre-existing conditions you may have may be covered.

Objection #2: Everything I’ve booked is fully refundable, so I don’t need travel insurance.

Double check if your travel supplier will offer a full refund for your deposits, or if they will apply your deposit to a future trip. And if they do simply give you credit, how soon will you need to use it? If an airline offers no-change fees, you may feel like you don’t need insurance to cover the flight. But if you can’t travel again before the flight credit expires, you’re out your money.

Likewise, there’s much more to travel insurance than reimbursement for cancelled trips. If you have travel insurance in the USA, you’ll also have coverage for baggage protection, flight delays, a 24/7 emergency assistance number to call for help, and even AD&D insurance. Plus, you can get medical coverage and evacuation coverage, so if you need help getting home because you’re experiencing a medical emergency, you’ll have coverage.

Objection #3: Since I’ll be in the United States, I’ll be able to get home quickly and easily if I need to.

Travel is unpredictable. What may be a simple injury at home can complicate the logistics of travel. Think about how difficult it can be to navigate through an airport on a pair of crutches. Or in a wheelchair if you are traveling by yourself. What if you need a flight upgrade to accommodate you?

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Travel insurance for the USA can cover these scenarios. For example, if you experience a medical emergency and need to get home, you’re RoamRight travel insurance plan may cover for an air ambulance to return you home. If you can return home on an airline, but need help, you may be able to get a medical escort to travel with you. And if you need a flight upgrade or change fees are associated with a new flight, that may be covered as well.

Objection #4: Medical emergencies aren’t common. I’ll take my chances.

True, medical emergencies are (fortunately) not regular occurrences for most people. However, when one happens, particularly on vacation, the results can be disastrous. One RoamRight travel agent partner’s own father did not buy travel insurance for a cruise to Alaska, citing the fact that his Medicare plan would cover him in a medical emergency. When he fell and required immediate medical attention, the ship wasn’t in US territory – it was closest to Vancouver. He ended up in a Canadian hospital and amounted almost $30,000 in medical costs that were not covered by his Medicare policy.

In a lighter example, another traveler tore his Achilles tendon while visiting relatives. While his medical insurance covered his care, he needed a flight upgrade to return home. The airlines quoted him the cost of an upgrade for $1,500. If he had purchased travel insurance, his policy would have cost just $132.

Taking a chance is completely up to the traveler’s discretion. However, the peace of mind provided by travel insurance is well worth the cost.

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