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Expert Tips - Rock Climbing Trips for Beginners

Many of us dream about the epic panoramas that can only be found at the top of jutting cliffs that no trail or path reach. All over the world, there are extreme peaks that offer amazing views that only the most accomplished rock climbers can access.  

However, most of us lack the necessary experience to conquer the mountain terrain and sheer cliffs. Luckily, there are also some great places around the world to learn and practice climbing while still enjoying remarkable landscapes and vistas.

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Vegas is not all bright lights, casino, and shows. The Nevada desert, just outside the neon city, is a hub for aspiring rock climbers. It is the perfect place to feel that first thrill as you scale up one of the rewarding but easy climbs in this part of the country. 

Not only are the climbs easy but they offer beautiful views of the desert. For people interested in climbing, pull yourself away from the neon streets, endless buffets, and the busy casinos and visit some great beginner rock climbs just minutes down the road.

Frankenjura, Germany

Frankenjura is known worldwide for its challenging routes. However, with over 8,000 climbs of different lengths, there are some easy climbs for beginners who want to improve their skills. The nice thing about Frankenjura is the various degrees of difficulty from one climb to the next. 

This diversity allows you relax and build up your skills at your own pace. Many expert climbers also come to Frankenjura to try the harder routes. This is a perfect opportunity to watch, learn, and chat with experts who can give you valuable insights and tips. Frankenjura is also stunning with limestone rock formations, valleys, and green forests. 

Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Yes, the world famous Red River Gorge is another fantastic spot for those wanting to get into this adventure sport. This place is a dream destination for climbers. In fact, ask almost any climber what is on their climbing bucket list and more than likely, Red River Gorge will be in the top ten.

Like Frankenjura, "The Reds,” as the Gorge is known, house a combination of beginner, intermediate, and expert level climbs. Many of the routes already have bolts placed into the rock, making it a little easier as well as a beautiful climb. Overall, the Reds is a great place to learn and grow as a rock climber, and because it is a popular spot, it is a great place to get involved in the community.

Boulder, Colorado

With a name like Boulder, it isn't a surprise that there are huge opportunities for climbing. The area has many easy climbs with over 200 spots set up with top anchor points for people still building their confidence. As a bonus, this part of Colorado is beautiful, and many of the climbs offer epic views of the surrounding landscape.

Bend, Oregon

There are a few reasons why Bend is a great place for beginner rock climbers to practice. First, you get to experience the enchanting beauty of Oregon Smith Rock State Park. Another reason is that the climbing routes are suited for beginners. Finally, the price is very reasonable. It is inexpensive to camp just outside of the park so you can have an extended trip to hone your skills for the low cost of camping.

Queenstown, New Zealand

What better place to learn rock climbing than the adventure capital of the world? Queenstown, located on the South Island of New Zealand, is surrounded by some of the most incredible landscapes I have ever seen. For climbers, you will want to head to Wye Creek. It is an easy climb and great practice for beginners. At the top, climbers have a remarkable view of the crystal-blue lake and stunning mountains of New Zealand.

Penticton, Canada

Without a doubt, British Columbia has some of the most jaw-dropping landscape in North America. Rock climbers love to head to the Skaha Bluffs just outside of the lovely wine town of Penticton. It is the most popular spot for climbers in British Columbia and offers over 600 different climbs for all skill levels.

A Local Gym

If you are brand new to the sport, then one of your best options is to find a climbing gym near you. You can learn the ropes (no pun intended), talk to experienced climbers, and gain valuable experience that will help keep you safe in nature. 

Mastering a sport as exciting and dangerous as rock climbing takes patience and practice. These are some of the best spots around the world for those seeking to enhance their skills and still take in the endless horizon and beauty of Mother Nature.

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