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Travel Insurance and Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are natural disasters that may be covered events under Arch RoamRight travel protection plans. From minor disruptions to catastrophic events, volcanos can affect travelers around the world.

How does travel insurance work during a volcanic eruption?

There are several travel insurance benefits that may come into effect during a volcanic eruption. These include trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connection, trip delay, political or security evacuation, or accidental death and dismemberment.

While this post can serve as a summary of products, the purchased policy is the contract that specifically and fully describes your coverage, and certain restrictions and exclusions may apply.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption due to a volcano

Trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits may be triggered in the event of a volcano if:

  • Your or Your Traveling Companion’s primary place of residence or destination is made Uninhabitable and remains Uninhabitable during Your scheduled Trip, by fire, flood, or other Natural Disaster (such as a volcano) within 10 days of departure;
  • You or Your Traveling Companion who are military, police or fire personnel being called into emergency service to provide aid or relief for a Natural Disaster (such as a volcanic eruption); or
  • There is a mandatory evacuation ordered by local government authorities at Your Trip destination due to a Natural Disaster after the Effective Date of Your coverage. You must have 50% or less of Your Trip length remaining at the time the mandatory evacuation ends in order to cancel or interrupt Your Trip and for this benefit to be payable.

Even if your destination is not close to a volcano, such seismic activity can still affect travel plans. Many people in the travel industry can still remember the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland, which significantly disrupted air travel across Europe, leaving millions of travelers stranded. Just recently in November, a KLM flight turned around due to volcanic activity in Mexico, and active volcanos in Bali have also caused flight cancellations this year.

Missed connection and trip delays as a result of volcanic activity

Missed connection covers you if you miss your trip departure because your arrival at your destination is delayed by a specified number of hours listed in your policy. Trip delay coverage provides reimbursement for additional expenses incurred during a travel delay by a specified number. These expenses may include additional hotel nights, meals and local transportation.

If a volcanic eruption is the cause of either a missed connection or a travel delay as outlined above, you may have coverage.

Security Evacuation due to natural disaster

Under Arch RoamRight’s Security and Political Evacuation coverage, you can have coverage for all reasonable evacuation expenses incurred for transportation to the nearest safe haven if you must leave your trip for a covered Political or Security event, including a natural disaster like a volcanic eruption. Following the evacuation, you can also have coverage for a one-way transportation ticket to your host or home country. It is important to note that there are a few countries that are excluded from coverage for this benefit due to ongoing security concerns. Read more about this benefit in our post, Security and Political Evacuation Travel Insurance: What is it, and what does it cover?

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Tragically, natural disasters including volcanic eruptions can cause travelers to lose their lives or a limb.

Just last week, several tourist sadly lost their lives due to a volcanic eruption in New Zealand. At the time of the eruption, there were approximately 50 individual on the volcanic island and others severely injured, many of which were passengers on a cruise. If you have an Arch RoamRight policy and a tragedy happens, you can file an Accidental Dismemberment claim or your beneficiaries can file an Accidental Death claim under their travel insurance policy.

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