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Seasonal Vacation Tips and Ideas

Whether it’s skiing and snowmobiling or lounging on a warm tropical beach, making the most of each season is what makes traveling fun. The travel industry goes beyond the winter, spring, summer, and fall seasons we all know and love and adds high season, low season, and shoulder season into the mix.

High Season Travel

High or peak season refers to the time of year when a travel destination receives the most visitors. Lots of factors contribute to a high season, such as local festivals and ideal weather. Because it has the best conditions for an enjoyable trip, it can be expensive to travel to a place during its high season.

Low (Or Off) Season Travel

Low or off season is the opposite of the high season. The weather is no longer ideal and there may not be as much going on in that specific location. Many hotels and attractions either close down or begin renovation projects because of the lack of travelers. However, there are advantages to traveling during a low season. Transportation and lodging rates drop and there aren’t as many crowds to deal with, which can make low season travel a less costly and less stressful experience.

Shoulder Season Travel

The shoulder season is the time right in-between a high and low season. The ideal conditions of the high season are still around (or just starting), but the large influx of travelers is dropping off (or not yet begun). During a shoulder season, you can get the great prices and smaller crowds, as well as the beautiful weather – which makes it a great time to travel.

No matter which of the above “seasons” you decide to travel in, it will most likely fall under winter or summer. That’s why we offer summer vacation tips to cover the best places and activities for soaking up that summer sun, and winter vacation tips for great winter sports and ways to cozy up. If you’re waiting for the perfect season to initiate your travel plans, sign up for our newsletter to get alerts and articles sent right to your inbox.

Do you have favorite destinations for certain seasons? Share them with us in the comments below.

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Brice King, a RoamRight Blog Author RoamRight’s VP of Travel, Brice King, has been involved in the travel insurance industry since 2004; working in IT, operations assistance and international medical credentialing.  As an avid backpacker and traveler, he has visited all seven continents and over 20 countries.  The highlight of his travels was a year long, round the world honeymoon.  Most of his recent travels have been on backcountry camping trips in the Western US. Follow Brice on Google Plus

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