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Summer Travel Tips

The summer is a great season in which to travel. Because fewer destinations have a low season in the summer, it can be expensive to plan a summer trip. However, the beautiful weather travel opportunities that arise during the summer make it well worthwhile. Learn about the way you can create your own unforgettable summer by reading up on all of our summer vacation tips.

Saving Money for Summer Vacation

Many families make a push every year to save up for an annual summer vacation. Making some sacrifices in your normal budgeting to pay for your trip is a great way to set aside money for a summer trip. But, you can also save quite a bit of money during the actual planning and booking of your trip. By being flexible and doing your research, there are several ways you can lower the cost of your trip:

Book lodging over the phone – There are two ways you can gain an advantage by booking over the phone with the hotel. First, you’ll be booking directly with the hotel and not with a booking service, which may charge a fee to the hotel. Some hotels appreciate that and are willing to pass savings on to you via a reduced rate or upgrade. Secondly, you can talk and negotiate with a hotel representative. Often, there is more than one price for a booking. The rate you see published in ads and sometimes through booking services is known as the “rack rate,” which is the most expensive. Booking directly with the hotel gives you the chance to secure a different rate – just ask.

If you are booking far in advance, you can also ask when rates will lower and see if you can postpone your vacation until that time. For example, a hotel may charge its highest rates in July when summer is near its peak. But, it may reduce its rates in August – which still has summer weather, but less business.

Think of destinations off the beaten path – Locations that make most of their money through tourism are naturally more expensive to travel to, especially during the summer. Staying outside of popular tourist areas will not only save you money, but give you a more unique experience.

Consider a road trip – Even with the current high price of gas, a road trip could be cheaper than flying if you have multiple travel companions.

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Brice King, a RoamRight Blog Author RoamRight’s VP of Travel, Brice King, has been involved in the travel insurance industry since 2004; working in IT, operations assistance and international medical credentialing.  As an avid backpacker and traveler, he has visited all seven continents and over 20 countries.  The highlight of his travels was a year long, round the world honeymoon.  Most of his recent travels have been on backcountry camping trips in the Western US. Follow Brice on Google Plus

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