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How to choose travel insurance for your summer vacation

With the summer travel season upon us, you might be wondering what travel insurance plan best fits your summer travel needs. While most travel insurance plans provide coverage for just about any type of travel, there are some coverages, benefits, and features you should look for when choosing a travel insurance plan for your summer vacation.

What coverage might you need for your summer vacation?

Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, and Trip Delay for Hurricanes and More

Summer travel season and hurricane season overlap in many ways. Not only does hurricane season officially start on June 1st, but many popular summer vacation destinations are also hotspots for hurricanes.

Benefits such as Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Trip Delay can come in handy for hurricanes (as well as in other events!).

Arch RoamRight travel insurance plans come with benefits that may help during hurricane season. You should always read your policy thoroughly before purchasing to know in detail what is covered under these circumstances. You should also read our blog post “Does Travel Insurance Cover Hurricanes” for more information on how travel insurance works when a hurricane threatens your vacation plans.

The table below shows the Arch RoamRight plan limits for the most commonly claimed benefits during hurricanes or other natural disasters. This list is not meant to show all the benefits of these plans, and you should always refer to your policy for coverage limits, definitions, and exclusions.

  Essential Preferred Elite
Trip Cancellation Up to 100% of Trip Cost Up to 100% of Trip Cost Up to 100% of Trip Cost
Trip Interruption Up to 100% of Trip Cost Up to 150% of Trip Cost Up to 150% of Trip Cost
Missed Connection $200, after a 6+ hour delay $500, after a 3+ hour delay $750, after a 3+ hour delay
Trip Delay $500 ($100/day, after 12+ hour delay) $1,000 ($200/day, after 6+ hour delay) $1,500 ($200/day, after 6+ hour delay)

Hazardous Sports Upgrade for Adventure Activities

If you are planning a little adventure for summer vacation and plan to do activities such as bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving, and more, you may need the Hazardous Sports Upgrade.

Adventure sports travel insurance coverage, also referred to as hazardous sports or extreme sports coverage, is an optional upgrade to some Arch RoamRight plans that provides coverage for things that can happen while participating in hazardous sports.

To learn more about the Hazardous Sports Upgrade and to understand the activities that require this coverage, read our blog post “What is Adventure Sports Travel Insurance and Do I Need It?

Emergency medical coverage for summer travel

If your health insurance does not cover you abroad, it is best to purchase a travel medical insurance policy like the ones offered by Arch RoamRight. Even if you do have international coverage, you may want the assistance services, like the coordination of an emergency evacuation, that are available through Arch RoamRight.

Arch RoamRight offers several travel insurance coverage options that you can adjust to your travel style, destination, and extent of coverage.

Furthermore, some countries, such as Cuba, Ecuador, and many in Europe, may also require you to show proof of travel medical insurance coverage before being granted entry.

Tips for finding the coverage you want

Aside from comparing benefits and coverage limits, it is also important to research the company that you are considering purchasing a plan from. How are their customer ratings? How are their financial ratings? Are they known to provide quality customer service and claims administration? What technology do they use to make it easier for travelers (Mobile app? Online claim submission?).

Our blog post “How to Select a Travel Insurance Plan” is a great resource if you are looking for tips from an industry expert in choosing coverage for your upcoming trip.

Note: Available plans and coverages may have changed since this blog was published.


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