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The Ultimate Travel Documents Checklist

Passports are just one of the many travel documents you should have with you.

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“Papers” and documents are an important part of traveling, no matter where you’re headed. What you need will vary depending on where you are going and who you are bringing with you, so we compiled this travel documents checklist to help you prepare.  With this list, you can be sure that you have all of the travel documentation that you need, which will make your trips safer and easier.

Domestic Travel Documents 

  • A copy of your itinerary
  • Paper copies of your tickets (plane, train, bus, etc)
  • Maps of your driving route
  • Discreet city maps when you may be exploring a new city
  • A copy of your driver’s license stored in a place separate from your driver’s license
  • Phone numbers for all of your credit card companies
  • Your hotel confirmation information, or other info on your destination

International Travel Documents 

  • Your passport - make sure it hasn't expired or isn't getting close to the expiration date
  • A copy of the picture page of your passport stored in a place separate from the place you plan to store your passport
  • A copy of your itinerary
  • Originals or paper copies of your tickets (plane, train, bus, etc)
  • Guidebook for the countries you are visiting
  • Maps of your driving route
  • Discreet city maps when you may be exploring a new city
  • Your international driver’s license if you plan to drive
  • If you use traveler’s checks, bring a copy of your check register
  • Research ahead whether you may use your US debit card at cash machines in the country you are visiting.  In some cases, withdrawing cash may be easier and less expensive than cashing traveler’s checks.
  • Consider keeping some US Dollars in a safe place in your hotel in the event of emergencies
  • Your hotel confirmation information, or other info on your destination

In some countries with stricter visa or entry requirements, you may also need:

  • Your Yellow (Immunization) Card
  • A copy of your bank account statement showing your balance
  • Your ticket to exit the country
  • Extra copies of your passport photo

Travel Documents for Children

  • Always bring some form of ID for a child, preferably a passport but a birth certificate is usually sufficient for domestic travel

How to Store Travel Documents

  • Always bring the original documents, but consider keeping original documents in a safe place in your hotel room when you are out for the day since passports are not typically required for routine sightseeing and travel
  • Always keep a paper copy of key travel documents (passport, tickets, etc) stored in a separate piece of luggage from the original
  • Scan in all travel documents and attach them to an email in your email account. Send this email to yourself and to a family member or friend. This will allow you to access the copy from anywhere in the world and let someone you trust always know where you are.


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